HIZERO Bionic Mop REVIEW- Cordless Wet Dry Hard Floor Cleaner F801 REVIEW

So the Hizero Bionic mop is a pretty cool machine, we put it through a lot of tests to see just how cool it was but I encourage you to stick around because there is a reason this thing keeps winning awards wherever it goes. So links in the description for current prices and lets get started.

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So first some background. The idea of an electric mop is kind of new, but was really popularized but the Bissell Crosswave which we have also tested, but unlike Bissell, Hizero is a company that just makes this one thing, and they have a ton of unique associated patents, basically as we will see the Hizero Bionic mop is kind of like what you would get if Elon Musk designed an eclectic mop.

I should mention that after I saw the Hizero for myself at the 2019 VDTA show I cajoled them to send me one for free to review, but I think you will see that these tests speak for themselves and leave little room for favoritism.

So lets quickly hit the features.

The first difference you will notice from the Crosswave is that the Hizero is completely cordless, it has a small but powerful battery that they say can last an astonishing 60-80 minutes depending on if you have it on low or high power, the power can be toggled with the buttons on the handle. So basically you are not going to run out of battery unless you are mopping an airplane hanger or something.

It uses a really unique roller, that can handle larger debris as well as liquids, in fact one of the coolest features is that it really efficiently separates solids from liquids, and not just for big spills either. For example I mopped the studio floor without vacuuming first and it caught all the solid stuff in the plastic tray even really fine solids.

Anyway the setup is pretty easy you just fill the clean water tank with water or a water and solution mix turn it on and start mopping. The lights also let you know if the water tanks are full or empty which is a pretty cool feature in itself.

so on to the tests, and I should mention that I only used warm water with these tests, no cleaning solution at all, because I wanted to see how good the machine was on its own. We did several tests including me spilling grape juice, V8, and Coke Zero on two test surfaces and letting them completely dry to a nasty sticky consistency.

With this test I was really impressed with a few things. The first was how quickly it broke down these really tough stains on hard floors, with the V8 being the toughest stain for some reason.

The second thing was the efficiency of its water usage, There was still a lot of water left in the clean tank and only the bare minimum in the dirty water tank. In other words before the test I was really concerned that the water tanks would be too small, but because of this efficiency it can cover a huge area with minimal water, which also means faster drying times.

With subsequent tests my main objective was to see how it did with larger debris and messy spills. I honestly didn’t expect it to, but it handled larger debris really well. It does take a few extra passes to clear the surface of residue but it did seem quicker than the corsswave with this.

Here again it separated the solids from the liquids and showed amazingly good water efficiency.

One of the reasons I didn’t like the Crosswave was that it was a mess to clean up especially if you had nasty spills.

With the Hizero, it was much better with regard to cleanup, there were some things that you would want to wipe down but it was minimal. Hizero says its self cleaning if you run it with a full tank of clean water on high power while its propped up, it seemed to work okay, but I would still recommend taking off the roller and washing it, at least if you are using it to clean up nasty spills like milk or spagettios. With regulrar mopping jobs though I wouldn’t even worry about it.

That being said one of the great things about the Hizero is its ease of use if you are just wanting to use it for regular mopping jobs. I mean its really easy to fill up the tank and start mopping, especially considering its cordless. Compared to all the hassell of setup and cleanup with the crosswave it was a night and day difference.

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