HoLife Stick Vacuum Cleaner 2-in-1 Upright and Handheld Vacuum Review

The Holife 2-in-1 stick vacuum cleaner is an excellent device that makes cleaning your house easy. It’s packed with features such as powerful suction, cordless functionality, a washable, easy to clean dust container, and a detachable handheld vacuum.

The HoLife 2–in–1 stick vacuum is a wonderful piece of kit that will ease to that tedious, uninspiring task of vacuuming. Let’s run down the features of this Holife model to give you a better look into what it has to offer.

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2–in–1 functionality

One of the main draws of this cleaner is the ability to detach a handheld vacuum to use in hard to reach places. When you’re vacuuming, most people will want to go around the whole house cleaning. That means you’ll want to vacuum the floors, furniture, and stairs. We all know lifting a heavy and cumbersome vacuum cleaner on to each individual step of your staircase, or using the never-long-enough suction pipe makes cleaning your stairs a nightmare.

With this detachable vacuum cleaner, you can easily go up and down your stairs, and you don’t have to worry about hurting yourself since The HoLife 2-in-1 stick vacuum is very lightweight weighing less than 5.5 pounds in total. You’ll also be able to use the detachable section to get into the cracks and crevices of your furniture and the hard to reach corners of your house.

180° swivel steering

This means you’ll be able to lay the vacuum down flat, to push under tables and furniture, and you can easily navigate around corners and obstacles. Since this vacuum cleaner is so lightweight, you’ll be able to push it around corners and under tables with ease, making your household much cleaner in the process.

Powerful, Cyclonic Suction

The HoLife 2-in-1 stick vacuum features a powerful 90W motor and dual action filtration system, which means you’ll be able to suck up dirt from hard floors, rugs and thick carpets with ease. The vacuum features a 2-speed suction setting. Use the turbo function to suck up heavy dirt and dust, or to clean your thick carpets. Switch to eco mode, which makes the Holife unit a more efficient and very quiet (less than 76dB) vacuum cleaner.

Cordless, battery-powered cleaning

This vacuum cleaner also features cordless technology, meaning you can simply charge it up, then vacuum your house without clumsy, trailing wires, and you won’t have to change power sockets for each new room that you clean. The vacuum features a 22.2V, 2,150 MAh Lithium-Ion, which will provide 35 – 45 minutes of optimal cleaning, more than enough for the average sized home.

Lightweight, easy storage

This Holife 2-in-1 stick vacuum is also very lightweight, allowing you to carry it easily between rooms and up and downstairs. The stick vacuum is self-standing, so you can store it pretty much anywhere in your house, even in small, tight-fitting closet spaces. The handle can also be folded, which will reduce the height of the vacuum cleaner significantly for ease of storage.

What’s in the box?

The HoLife 2-in-1 stick vacuum comes with a lot of detachable brushes, and fittings, meaning you’ll be able to clean almost anywhere in your house. Here is a run-down of what each piece of equipment is, and how you use it.

Handheld mode

We already know that this is the detachable vacuum piece that enables you to clean stairs, and furniture and get into hard to reach spaces. The handheld vacuum is very lightweight and is 17.6 inches long and 4.5 inches wide.

The removable Turbo brush

The Turbo brush is on the bottom part of the vacuum, which turns your handheld cleaner into a fully operational standing vacuum cleaner. This brush swivels freely from the main vacuum enabling you to navigate to hard to reach places, under furniture, tables, and round corners. The Turbo brush technology means, you can dislodge and suck up debris and dust from thick rugs and carpets, or get excellent suction on hardwood and laminate flooring.

2x washable filters

This vacuum comes with two washable filters, meaning you’ll always have one clean filter available, and with them being washable, you’ll never have to buy replacement filters, which other vacuums may require.

Small crevice tool and brush

Use the crevice or small brush tool and suck up the hard to reach dirt and dust.

Final words

Overall, the HoLife 2-in-1 stick vacuum will make your job of vacuuming easier, allowing you to clean practically every surface and object in your house, all while not worrying about tripping over a cable.

The vacuum is lightweight, so can be carried up and down your staircase with ease, and you’ll only have to charge the unit up between vacuuming cycles.

The quiet eco mode also means you don’t have to worry about bothering your neighbors or scaring your pets, and with its compact size, you can just store this stick vacuum away in a closet after use.

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