Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone with 1080P Camera Review

For a long time, drones were only available to those who worked in the government or had a lot of money. These days, though, drones are widely available, and anyone can buy a good, high-quality drone for a very reasonable price.

Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone with 1080P Camera Review

Many people are interested in purchasing a drone because it allows them to take better pictures, and better videos. Using a drone, you can obtain a birds-eye view of a place, and this allows you to see what is going on, right below you. Using a drone also allows you to extend the reach of your camera, since you don’t need to be holding the camera and moving it around, manually, to take those pictures and to capture those videos.

If you are looking to buy a good drone, then this is the buying guide for you. In this buying guide, you’re going to learn all about the Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone. This is a fantastic drone that gives you excellent image and video quality, an easy-to-use design, a strong and efficient battery, and all of this is for a very affordable price!

Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone with 1080P Camera

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What Does The Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone Offer?

To start, the Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone has a simple design. It looks a lot like a military plane, and there are four propellers located in each corner of the drone. These propellers allow the drone to remain sturdy and stable while it is flying, and you can take the drone up very high, due to these propellers.

Unlike many other drones, some of which are even more expensive than the Holy Stone HS110G, this drone gives you a video/image quality of 1080p. Using this drone, you can take videos and images that look great, and are incredibly clear. You won’t have to deal with any pixelation or any issues with the quality of the images or videos. And, along with that, the FOV of the camera is 110-degrees, making it easy to take pictures and videos that capture a wider landscape.

Holy Stone HS110G

To use the Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone, you have to do one of three things. You can use a small controller to operate the drone manually. With this controller, you can control where the drone goes, how high/low it is, and what it is taking pictures and videos of. Most people will use this option, because it gives you more direct control over the process.

On your smartphone, you can use a map to select where the Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone should go. This is done using GPS technology. You go onto the map, create a path that you want the drone to follow, and then turn on the drone. From that, the drone follows the path that you have created, recording what’s going on, while you can operate the camera angles. Many photographers and videographers use this because you don’t need to operate the drone itself, instead manually, you can just operate the camera.

Finally, the last option you have is to tell the drone to follow you. Then, as you walk or run around, the drone follows you, capturing what it is that you are doing, along with capturing what’s going on around you.

Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone

Each one of these settings allows you to take excellent videos and pictures. And, it’s very easy to access these settings, since all you need to do is use the app that this drone comes with.

When it comes to the flight time of the Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone, it isn’t great, but it’s not bad, either. On a single charge, you can fly the drone for a total of thirteen minutes. Then, you’re going to need to recharge it. Most of the time, a recharge takes three-hours.

The flight time, mixed with the recharge time, isn’t necessarily the greatest. But the price for this drone is quite low, and most drones only offer slightly better flight times.

Holy Stone HS110G

If you are running a live video feed of what this drone is capturing, then you can only be, at the most, 492-feet away. Anything more than that, and you won’t have a live video feed, but you can still record video. If you aren’t streaming video, the drone can be 984-feet away from you, at the most, before you have to bring it back.


Ultimately, the Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone is a fantastic drone that costs very little money, but offers you fantastic image quality and a design that is very easy to use. If you want to save money, but still want quality, then this is a great choice!

Holy Stone HS110G Drone Review

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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