Hoover Powerdash Pet Compact Carpet Cleaner FH50700 REVIEW

We are starting a series on super compact carpet cleaners and today I am happy to be testing and reviewing the Hoover Powerdash FH50700, Its small, its super inexpensive and people seem to love it, So links in the description for current prices and lets get started.

But first, who is the Hoover Powerdash for, As far as I understand it these new smaller carpet cleaners are for people who mostly need a carpet cleaner for the little messes their pets make, and don’t really plan on using it for large areas. So its kind of like a spot cleaner, except you don’t have to get on your hands and knees and scrub like crazy to get the stains out.

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Its light at about 12 pounds empty or 17 pounds full off water, which is really light for a carpet cleaner, and I found it fairly easy to assemble. To Use it, you basically just add hot tap water to the water line on the clean water tank, and the solution to the solution line. You Put the bottle back in the holster turn it on and start cleaning.

You push the trigger which sprays the solution on to the carpet, and you generally want to make a pass or two while spraying solution, followed by several passes without the trigger pressed to clean up the water from the carpet.

With our cleaning tests we applied Georgia red clay to a thick medium pile carpet along with red wine vinegar, green vegetable juice, bacon grease and BBQ sauce.
I let it dry for almost 24 hours and vacuumed up the remainder.

I should also say that I did not pretreat any of these stains but only used the basic shampoo that came with it in order to best judge the actual performance of the machine, but Hoover recommends pretreating any actual pet stains with their Pretreatment spray which is not included in the box but I will link in the description as well.

Ok so after 4 passes 2 with water and 2 without, here are the results. Its actually much better than I expected at this point as it cleared most of the stains directly in its path, not perfect but close.

Its true that the Hoover Smartwash or the Bissell 2x did slightly better at this point with the same test conditions but that can be chalked up to those more expensive units having 2 brush rolls instead on just the one like on the powerdash. But in general yeah I was pretty impressed.

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