Hoover PowerDash Pet Vs Bissell TurboClean Powerbrush Pet – Carpet Cleaner Battle

I love the concept of these new super compact upright carpet cleaners like the Hoover Powerdash and the Bissell Turboclean Powerbrush Pet. We put them both through a series of tests and this video we will show the results and pick a winner, So links in the description to both carpet cleaners and lets get started.

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First some basic info.
As I mentioned in the individual reviews of each of these carpet cleaners which I will link in the description they are basically taking the place of spot cleaners in that they are really only meant for cleaning small patches of carpet like for cleaning up spills or other pet stains. The main difference between these and spot cleaners is that they don’t require you do get on your hands and knees and scrub like crazy, you can esssicnatilly use them like upright vaccums, which is really cool.

The Bissell and Hoover are basically the price, the same weight and require the same very minimal assembly, they operate the same in that you add hot tap water to the water line on the clean water tank, and the solution to the solution line. You Put the bottle back in the holster turn it on and start cleaning.

You push the trigger which sprays the solution on to the carpet, and you generally want to make a pass or two while spraying solution, followed by several passes without the trigger pressed to suck up the water from the carpet.

We tested various stains like Georgia red clay, grape juice, red wine vinegar green vegetable juice bacon grease and BBQ sauce. We let it dry overnight and then vacuumed up any dry residue.

We only used the regular cleaning solution that came in the package. Both companies actually recommend pretreating actual pet stains with their respective pretreatment sprays which are sold separately and I will also link below but I wanted to see how each machine did without any pretreatment.

The first test was 2 passes with the trigger pressed and two without, in both test conditions We found them to be very nearly equal, If I was forced to pick a winner though I would say the Bissell was slightly better.

On the second part of the test I used one full tank to try to get the rest of the stains and in both tests I found that they again were very close clearing almost any trace of the stains with one full tank.

Again remember this is without pretreatment and these stains are pretty tough So I can say that they both do the job, with a possible edge going to the Bissell, but that’s not the only consideration.

One of the main differences with these two machines is the way that they are cleaned and maintained. And It is important to keep these clean, especially if there is going to be a lot of pet hair involved. The Hoover Powerdash was more difficult to cleanbecause you had several screws instead of just one on the Bissell to remove. It was also harder to remove the brush from the belt on the Hoover which you need to do in order to reach the affected areas. And even after all that there were places on the hoover that simply could not be reached by normal means. Don’t get me wrong the Bissell wasn’t exactly a breeze to clean but it was a lot easier than the Hoover.

Other than that these two cleaners were remarkably similar. They both have somewhat small tanks that are really only meant for small spaces at best. You could use these for your whole house if you didn’t mind empyting and filling the tank a lot of times and as long as you didn’t need to clean starirs since neither of these have hoses or stainr tools.

But for what they are and what they do I have to say these are really great spot cleaners that I would much prefer to use over a typical spot cleaner that quite frankly wear me out when trying to use, and at the price they are selling these at its hard to pass them up.

So I think the Bissell Turboclean is the winner for having a slightly better shoinwng in the tests but mostly for being easier to clean and maintain.

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