Today, we’re reviewing the Hoover bagless WindTunnel T series. This particular model is the UH70120, a relatively inexpensive WindTunnel from Hoover with features like an adjustable height for hard floors up to thick carpet. It has a retractable 25-foot power cord and a decent attachment set including a suction powered pet hairbrush.

I’ll start off with the good things. Like many Hoovers, it excels at carpet cleaning. It has a powerful brush roll motor for agitation. Because of its adjustable height, you can crank it all the way up and it picks up just about any size debris you put down. If you don’t have a lot of large debris, you can put it about midway for better brush roll agitation. And it’s a very good deep cleaner for carpet.

Another good thing about the Hoover WindTunnel bagless is that it’s very good at edge cleaning. It picked up everything we put down on edges and corners. Its retractable cord is very clever and it seems sturdy. Even after many uses it’s still working great. The final pro is the price. This is a pretty inexpensive vacuum and you can usually find good deals on Amazon or eBay.

Moving on to the negative things about the Hoover UH70120. Its hard floor performance is very bad mainly because there’s no way to shut off the brush roll so it kicks a lot of debris out of the back of the cleaner head before it has a chance to pick it up. Adjusting the height is of minimal help in this because it still kicks the debris out all the way up to the higher two settings where it becomes too high to effectively pick up the debris. So unless you plan on buying a hard floor tool with a couple of extension wands, this unit is not what you would want for hard floors.

Its airflow and suction are decent on par with vacuums in this price range. Don’t get me wrong, it does the job well, but just not as good as vacuums in a slightly higher price range. Like most vacuums in this price range, it’s not a sealed system and so the HEPA filter really doesn’t do much good at all since a lot of the particles leak from various places resulting in bad smells when it becomes dirty.

As far as ease-of-use and maneuverability, I would say it weighs slightly less than many other Hoover WindTunnels at 16.5 pounds but it’s far from light. The hose isn’t really long enough for most staircases so if you have stairs it could an issue. It does not have swivel steering so you have to change arm or body positions to navigate. And it’s a little wide at the cleaner head for my taste, meaning that it can’t get into tight spaces. Though a wider head does mean you have to make less passes to clean a room and that could be a good thing.

So I would say that I was not very impressed with the Hoover UH70120. It’s good at carpets but not too good at anything else. For about $20 to $50 more depending on if you found a good deal, you could get a lower end Shark, like a Navigator Lift Away, like the NV351 or the 352 being the cheapest, either that or spend the extra money for a higher-end WindTunnel that has a brush roll shut off switch and a sealed system.