How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Having a linen cupboard that is perfectly neat and organized is extremely satisfying. There is nothing better than opening the door and being met with the sight of perfectly folded linen. However, fitted sheets are something that everybody struggles with. How on Earth are you supposed to fold them?

We have put together a guide to help you fold your fitted sheets so that they will have no creases and will fit into your cupboard neatly.

  • Spread the sheet flat on the floor, making sure the open side is facing up.

  • Fold in thirds lengthwise.

  • Then fold the sheet in half, this should give you a rectangle.

  • Roll it up and slot it easily into a drawer or small space!

Why Should You Bother Folding Your Fitted Sheets?

Perhaps you are questioning why it is so important to fold your fitted sheets. We have got a few different reasons for you below!

It keeps them crease-free – We know how tempting it can be to just give up when trying to fold a fitted sheet. We are all guilty of balling them up and shoving them to the back of the cupboard. Making sure your sheet is folded, will result in no creases, meaning a better-looking bed!

You will want to change your sheets – Well, we have found that is the case with us! If we know that there is clean, fresh, wrinkle-free laundry in the closet, we are more likely to change the sheets! This makes it easier to stick to a laundry routine.

Marie Kondo said so – We have all gone through a Marie Kondo inspired clear out, and it helps! Marie has some great tips on how to fold sheets. Plus, you might find that it sparks joy!

It will impress your mother-in-law – Having relatives over to stay can be made even better when they comment on how tidy your home is! Keeping your fitted sheets nice and folded will impress both family and guests!

Save storage space – Folding your sheets correctly will have you saving huge amounts of space in your linen closet!

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

We explained it briefly earlier, but here we will give you a little more information to make folding your sheets easy as pie.

  • Lay your sheet flat – make sure it has the open side facing up, and that it is flat on the floor.

  • Fold lengthwise – Fold the sheet lengthwise, moving along in thirds. Start with the long edge that is closest to you, fold it a third of the way across, and then repeat.

  • At this point you should have three folds in your sheet. It might look a little messy but do not worry, it will all come together soon.

  • Fold in half – Once you have your thirds, fold the sheet in half width ways. You should not have a rectangle shape.

  • The final fold – There are a couple of ways that you do the final fold. Try them out and see which one you like best.

  • Fold in half again – Folding in half again will create a smaller square. This makes it easy to stack the sheets in your linen closet, and having the folded part exposed can give a classy look.

  • Fold in thirds – Folding the sheet into thirds will result in a taller shape, which is good if you are storing it in a deep drawer or a basket.

  • Roll it up – We think this is the easiest fold. Simply roll the folded sheet up into a cylinder and there you have it. This is great for storing in drawers and looks very tidy.

All of these folding methods will help reduce the number of creases in your sheets.

Fitted Sheet Tips and Hacks

If you are still not sold on the method, we have shown you, we have one more that you might like!

  • Grab the two corners that are opposite lengthwise.

  • You should then flip the sheet inside out.

  • Make sure the elastic side of the sheet faces you.

  • Move the right corner over to the left corner.

  • Reach down once you have swapped your hands over.

  • Grab the remaining corners.

  • Make sure the sheet has been straightened out.

  • Create an L shape by folding the corners.

  • Lay your sheet flat on a surface.

  • Fold in thirds, starting with the messy edge and working towards yourself.

More Tips and Hacks

Always make sure that the corner with the tag is on the bottom right. Buying striped sheets can help with remembering this.

When putting the sheet on, start with the top corners. This makes it easier to stretch the rest of the sheet down to the bottom corners.

You should store your fitted sheets in a drawer in your linen closet. Make sure that the neatest edge is facing up, so everyone thinks you are very neat.

If you want zero creases, use an iron or a steamer to get rid of the tough ones.

Get Tidy

Now that we have shown you two ways to fold your fitted sheets, you do not have any more excuses. Keeping small things like this tidy will help you with the laundry and result in crease-free sheets.

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