How to Remove Burn Marks on Carpet

It’s an unfortunate situation, but it happens to all of us. A fallen iron, a dropped match, a hair dryer, or straightener that’s been left on: burn marks on your carpet.

Before you consider spending more money on replacing your carpet, why not have a go at our step-by-step guide first? After all, it can only get better, and the money savings could be tremendous.

How To Get Rid Of Burns Of Any Size

This method can be used for any small or large incident.

You Will Need:


Vacuum cleaner


A cleaning solution (ideally one part hydrogen peroxide and 10 parts water)

Spray bottle (filled with water)

Carpet cleaner


A large book

A sheet of paper

Carpet cement

Wide tooth comb


Rub sandpaper over the burn mark before vacuuming it. Then, remove the burnt fibers with scissors.

Blot the stain with a cleaning solution before spraying water and dabbing it dry.

In situations where the stain persists after this method, try patching it with a carpet patch. The instructions for patching are in the next section.

How To Get Rid of Small-Scale Burns

This method is ideal for more minor burns such as dropped matches.

You Will Need:

Same list as above


Rub sandpaper over the burn mark and vacuum it to remove dust and debris. Then, use the scissors to cut off the left-over burned fibers. Vacuum the area once more to remove any further debris.

In situations where the stain persists, use cleaning solution to soak a cloth. Start around the edges of the mark and work your way inwards while blotting it. Then, spray with water and dab dry.

Allow enough time to pass for the solution to dry. If the burn mark is now gone, your problem is resolved.

However, if you need to patch the damaged area, we have a method to try. Grab a pair of tweezers and pull up fibers from a different area in the carpet. Ideally, you will want to pull fibers from an out of sight area e.g., under a couch or bed.

Once you have pulled up enough fibers, craft the fuzz into a circular shape to fill the burned area.

Apply carpet cement to the burn mark before pushing the carpet fuzz into. Cover the cement with paper before laying a large book on top and allowing a few hours to pass for the cement to dry.

After this time has elapsed, remove the paper and book before using a wide tooth comb to mix the carpet fuzz into the burned area – The problem should now be fixed.

How To Get Rid Of Large-Scale Burns

This method will allow you to remove burns caused by larger objects such as knocked-over candles.

You Will Need:

Vacuum cleaner

Utility knife


Carpet scrap (Ideally a pattern that matches)


A large book

Carpet adhesive

Wide tooth comb


Use the handheld mode of your vacuum cleaner to suck away any debris or dirt in the damaged area.

With the utility knife, carefully cut away the burnt area through the carpet backing but be sure not to interfere with the padding underneath.

With scissors, cut your carpet scrap to fit the size of the upturned area while also ensuring that the texture/color aligns with the area around it.

Carefully trace the pattern from the removed piece onto the carpet scrap and cut around it to ensure both pieces are the same size.

Bring out the vacuum again and use it to suck away any fibers or dirt underneath.

Use the scissors to make any further required adjustments to the carpet scrap to make it fit the hole.

Use the carpet adhesive to apply the carpet scrap to the hole and ensure it is properly aligned before pressing it into place.

Place the paper and the large book on the patched area, leaving the adhesive to dry underneath the weight of the objects for several hours.

After a few hours, remove the paper and the book before using the wide tooth comb to merge the carpet scrap into the area around it.

How To Get Rid Of Scorch Marks

The toughest burns of all are those caused by irons and hair dryers. But worry not, for there is a way to remove these nasty marks as well.

You Will Need:

Soft cloth/sponge

Cleaning solution (one part hydrogen peroxide and 10 parts water)

Spray bottle (filled with water)


Dampen your soft sponge or cloth into the cleaning solution and then work from the edges of the stain towards the middle while blotting it. If necessary, perform this step several times until the mark is cleaned.

Rinse what remains of the stain using the spray bottle.

Again, with the soft cloth or sponge, blot the area before allowing it to dry.

Would it Be Quicker To Just Replace My Carpet?

Quicker? Perhaps. But remember that carpets are not cheap. Hiring a professional to repair your carpet will set you back between $200 to $300 dollars, and possibly more.

Even when worst comes to worst, carpet patches are also expensive, clocking in at between $100 to $200 for one patch. It’s a cheaper solution to replacing with a professional, but still very from ideal. Even one area of carpet can set you back up to $250.

While these tips are strongly recommended, please do also keep in mind that no amount of cleaning can remedy the most serious of scorches.

Final Tips

If you are in the process of cleaning a burn area, or are about to be, consider these additional tips as well:

It will always be safer to contact a professional, even if it’s more expensive. Safe is always better than sorry, so never try what you are unsure of.

With cleaning solution, be sure you keep the hydrogen peroxide to a minimal amount. Less than 3% is ideal, otherwise you will end up bleaching your carpet and creating further stains.

Some burns will singe through to the next layer. In which case, if there are marks after cutting away the burned section, try a carpet stain spray.

If you are unwilling or unsure about cutting up a piece of your carpet, try fabric paint as a remedy for the stain.


Again, and we cannot reiterate this point enough, not every burn can be fixed with these cleaning tips. The sad truth is that you may have no choice other than to replace your carpet if the burn is very bad.

At the same time, if you have reached that stage, then there can be no harm in trying these tips to remove the burns anyway. Remember, it can only get better, right?

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