How to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick

If you would like a great solution to streaming then look no further than the Amazon Fire Stick. It will make your TV an all in one media base for your home. To get great use out of it all you need is a good connection to Wi-Fi and have internet that has high speed. However, do you want to use the firestick with your computer? Are you able to?

Yes, you can. You can watch TV on your laptop or alternatively you can use your Amazon firestick and mirror your computer on your TV.

We will have a look at both in our article. We will show you how you can use your computer with your firestick so you can watch all of your favorite shows without the need for your TV. On top of that, we will also look at how you can mirror the screen on your computer through your TV thanks to good Wi-Fi connection all from your Amazon firestick.

As well as that, we will also talk about any other hardware that might be needed for your own personal situation and what that hardware is and can be used for.

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We will start with the most common question.

Can I Use My Fire TV Stick To Stream Content On My Computer Instead Of My TV?
Yes, you absolutely can. You can use the Fire TV stick to be able to stream any type of content that is playing on your computer straight to your TV. If you have an actual TV monitor, not a laptop, as long as you have the right resolution on your screen and all of the right connections then it should be easy enough to do. If you have a laptop or desktop computer, however, it is important to know that it might not be as straightforward.

If you do have a good internet connection then the web browser is more than going to be able to help connect to all of the streaming services that you currently have. So it might not even be worth having a Fire stick to stream all of your content onto your computer.

What you get with the Fire TV Stick
Firstly you get the ability to be able to essentially take your TV with you if you go on holiday, that is what you get if you buy a Fire Stick. This is because your Fire Stick has the ability to be able to store all of the content you love, and it can be taken anywhere. All you have to do is take your TV stick with you and you are good to go. You can then plug it into any kind of TV that is portable, and you will get access to all of your content.

Are you already an Amazon Member? If so then your Fire Stick is going to come preregistered to your own account. As soon as you plug it into any HDMI port either on your TV or laptop, you are going to have instant access to all of the Amazon Prime content. By being a Prime member you can get a whole host of original content that is not available to normal users.

When you do get your box delivered, you are going to have everything needed to make the Fire Stick work. There will be a remote, a USB cable, AAA batteries, your TV stick, a power adaptor, a guide to help you start, and an HDMI extender.

Uses for the Amazon Fire TV Stick
There are multiple uses for the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can watch Netflix or any other streaming service for the internet, digital signage, you can share your photos to your TV, you can voice search from a TV, and you can even game as well although Amazon has stated that the Fire TV Stick is not competing with other consoles like PlayStation and Xbox.

How to set up the Fire TV Stick
While the power adaptor and the USB Micro cord are not a necessity for getting the Fire Stick going, if you want a better and faster performance then you will want to use them.
We will now go through what you will need in order to have your Fire Stick going so you are able to stream all of your most loved TV Shows.

First, you are going to want to take the stick out of the packaging and plug in your Fire Stick to your TV. Then you are going to need to plug in the USB Micro cable into the power adaptor and then plug the other end into your new Fire TV Stick. After you have done that, you will then plug the Fire TV Stick into any HDMI slot that your TV has available.

Although the HDMI cable is not really needed, it can be useful in some situations. Usually, you will be able to plug your TV Stick straight into the TV via the soundbar of the A/V receiver however if your TV is mounted onto the wall and you do not have enough room or the area where the HDMI slots are far to close for the TV Stick to be plugged in, then that is where the extender is really handy. So simply plug the TV Stick into your extender and then put the extender into any HDMI port and away you go.

After that, your TV Stick is going to need power, simply plug the MicroUSB cable into your Stick and then plug the opposite end into the wall with the help of the USB power adapter. If the USB port that is on your TV can in fact give you enough power, then you can simply plug it into that port instead of the MicroUSB cable. IF you do have any problems then using the power adaptor is a good idea.

As soon as you plug in it, the Fire Stick should turn on and start straight away so it is a good idea to have your TV already on so you can go to the correct HDMI port and see the interface for your Fire Stick (the Fire TV logo).

After you have connected it all together, you are going to be asked to pair your TV Stick with your TV with the help of pushing a few buttons.

Next, you should press the home button on your remote and then press play and then pause. After that, you can select your language.

Next, you are going to want to select your own Wi-Fi network. The Fire Stick is made so that it can work thanks to the WiFi connection however if you have a weak signal, Amazon has a MicroUSB and Ethernet adaptor for all Fire TV devices and then if you have a route close, you can plug it into that. After you have connected to the internet, the Fire Stick will attempt to download updates for its software if there are ant to be downloaded.

Then you will be asked to enter your password and then press connect.

Next, you are going to want to create an account or register. If you purchased the Stick from Amazon then the Fire Stick could already be connected to your account and you will not have to do this. However, if you got it as a present you might have to log out and then connect using your own account.

After that, you can put in your Amazon ID and then click Next. If you did select to create an account then you will be making up that ID.

Then you will be asked to put in your password and then you can select sign in. If you have the two factor ID on for Amazon, then you will get a code from your phone and then put it in. Then confirm that it is YOUR account that is signed in. You can either select yes or no to either opt-in or out of storing any of the connected passwords through Amazon.

Then you can set the parental controls or leave it and then either decline to sign up for Amazon Prime or go ahead and sign up.

After you have done that you can then choose to select “choose apps” to go through all of the apps that are available, or you can alternatively skip this.

Then you can select all the TV Channel apps, the Sports Apps, other popular services, and featured services, and then once you have selected them, you can then click download apps.
Well done you have now fully set up the Fire TV Stick.

What can you do with your Amazon Fire TV Stick?
Now that you are fully set up, there are just five things that the Fire TV Stick can be used for.
First is Netflix. You can download it through the TV Stick by going to the main screen and search for Netflix. Once you have found it, click on it to download it, then open the app and sign in.

Next is Alexa, that is Amazon’s over unique version of Siri and it gives you the ability to use your voice to bring things up on the screen. This can be used for several things like ordering a pizza, checking the weather, or picking a movie or TV show to watch.

You can even listen to music too. There are several ways you can listen to music with your TV Stick. If you are already a member you can then listen to songs that are already included or alternatively you can choose to sign up for a music subscription. On top of that, you can search for Amazons music app and listen to much that you have put into the music library or bought from the store.
Also if you happen to have an account with Spotify, you can download the app from the app store on Amazon.

Then you can set up a digital signage with the TV Stick. If you like the idea of sharing all your content to the TV screen using your Stick, look at our guide that is listed below.

You can also mirror your phone’s screen too. Similar to Apple TV, the Fire Stick can transmit things that are on your phone, straight to your TV screen. If you want to set this up you have to hold the home button don on your TV Stick. This will then open the menu where you are going to see the option to select to mirror your phone.

You will then have to find the option on your phone so that you can mirror, and this will ultimately depend on what phone you have however normally it is in the settings menu of your phone.

Fire TV Stick vs. Fire TV
Fire TV and the Fire Stick are two things that Amazon offers, and they give you the same services and both have Bluetooth so what exactly are the differences?

The Fire TV is bigger than the TV Stick with the Fire Stick being roughly three inches long and can be plugged into the TV. Whereas the Fire TV is a console that is square and is around four and a half inches long so if you a simple look, then going for the Fire TV Stick is a clear choice.

The Fire Stick is cheaper out of the two with the Stick costing you $39.99 compared to the Fire TV which will cost $99.

The Fire TV gives you 2G of RAM while the Fire Stick gives you only 1Gand that makes the Fire TV far more responsive. If you absolutely love games, then get the Fire TV as it limits lags and the anger that can arise from speeds when loading.

Additional ports and storage
There are no options to expand with the Fire TV Stick however with the Fire TV console, it comes with a USB port, a micro-SD slot, and an Ethernet port and that makes it super easy to access as well as store all of your content.

If you like watching content up to the range of 1080p then the Fire TV Stick can do the job, whereas Fire TV is made to stream everything up to 4K. With the increased popularity of 4K TV’s if you are looking to upgrade then the Fire TV could be the best option for you.
Alternatively, if you are not looking at getting a 4K TV then the Fire TV’s abilities and how easy it is to take with you, make it a good choice if you just simply want to stream your fav TV shows.

Fire TV Stick Troubleshooting
If you follow our guide, you will be able to use and set up your Fire TV Stick with next to no problems. However, there are a couple of things that can be issues for people.

I Pressed Back During Setup and My Fire TV Stick Froze
It is not a huge deal; you simply need to reset the Fire Stick and there are two ways you can do it.
Either hold the Play/pause button and then hold down Select at the same time for around five seconds or switch it off at the power point and then turn it back on.

I Can’t See the Full Screen, the Video Is Cut From the Sides
This can be because your TV and Fire Stick are oriented differently. This can be easily fixed in settings by calibrating the display. This is different if you want to calibrate your TV so you can get the best possible quality with your TV picture.

The five steps are going to settings then display and sounds then display. Next, make sure that the Video Resolution is set on Auto and then go to Calibrate Display. It is highly likely that all of the arrows will not be touching your screens edges, so go to the picture settings on your TV and scan it. When all of the arrows line up perfectly then select the Ok option.

Amazon Fire TV Tips
Delete Voice Recordings
To help with accuracy, Amazon will keep recordings of things you request when using the voice search option on your Fire TV. You can actually delete these however it will result in a downgrade in your overall experience when using this feature.

When you are on the Devices and Manage Your Content page, you can select your own device and then click on it. Using Alexa you can get rid of these searches one by one.

Change the Name
When you buy devices from Amazon, the company will give it a name, like Fire TV or Kindle. This happens for all Audible and Kindle accounts through numerous devices. There is some confusion if you happen to have some of the devices and accounts that are all the same, and this is seen when you purchase apps or any content and you want it to go to the right device because people want it for one device, however, it gets downloaded onto another.

It is really simple to change the name for all the Amazon devices. All you have to do is go to the page that is listed as Manage Your Content and Devices page and click on the tab that says devices. Once you have done that simply select your device and then click the edit link. A small window will then come up and that is where you are able to change the name.

Disable Auto-Playing Video
This happens with other apps too. If you are looking for a new TV show to watch and you are searching, you might find one that is interesting and leave the cursor on it untouched for a few seconds, then it starts playing. It is not ideal, and you can cancel this by going to the Fire TV interface and turning off the autoplay feature.

Amazon Fire TV Stick
Amazon Fire TV Stick

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