JBL Speaker Comparison: Charge 3 vs Flip 4 vs Link 10

In this article, we will talk about the differences between three popular Bluetooth speakers from JBL: the Link 10, the Flip 4, and the Charge 3. They all have similarities so we wanted to try and help you decide which one is best for how you’ll be using it. As you can see, from the outside, there’s not a whole lot that sets them apart. They’re all roughly the same size and easy to carry around. But there is a difference in the controls.

On the Flip and the Charge, they’re going to be located on the side, where on the Link, they’re going to be on the end of the speaker. Also this is where you’re going to notice another difference, the little button right here. The Link has Google assistant built-in, so with a simple voice command or push of a button, you can do things like ask a question, set up a calendar appointment, or check your schedule. You can’t do that with the other two.

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There’s a fairly big limitation on the Link, though, as it relates to portability: the battery life. The Link is only going to give you up to about five hours of playback where the Flip is going to give you up to 12 and the Charge gives you up to 20. Plus, as the name suggests, you can also charge things, like a cell phone or a tablet, off of the Charge 3. Neither of the others have that option.

Another thing to consider when choosing between these three is color choices. The Link 10 only comes in black or white. The others come in a variety of colors. I think all three sound good as far as smaller portable speakers go, but the one that sounds the best of the three is the Charge 3. Larger, more powerful drivers are going to help this one cover more ground. It’s not night and day better than the other two but it is better. Bass is more prominent and highs came through a little cleaner.

So who are these going to be good for? For me, the Link 10 is more for someone who’s going to use them around the house and maybe purchase a few to set up a Google assistant type of system in their home. You can bring it out to the yard for a while if you need but it’s not really meant for extended trips to the beach. The Flip 4 is going to be good for someone looking to use it away from the house but want something a little lighter and smaller.

It’s still got a battery that can last most of the day, but because of its size, it’s a little easier to carry around with you than the Charge. And that brings us to the Charge 3. This one is for someone really who’s looking for the biggest sound and also for its ability to charge other products. If you’re on your phone a lot, this is definitely something that can act as a battery backup when necessary.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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