Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Super-automatic espresso machines are impressing coffee drinkers around the globe, with compact features and polished designs. The Jura A1 is a fantastic choice for espresso lovers.

Making coffee has never been so easy. With a touch screen panel, the Jura A1 has options for various specialties and coffee strengths. Boasting a built-in grinder, it grinds coffee beans into espresso or ristretto. The Jura A1 is designed for black coffee purists, as it doesn’t have a milk frothing function.

The Jura A1 is a superior espresso machine, flaunting a premium brewer, desirable aesthetics, and the revolutionary Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) to achieve a natural flavor and defined crema. Trusted Swiss brand, Jura, has knocked this one out of the park, with the slimmest and sleekest model in the series to date.

The sophisticated look

With its sleek minimalist design, piano black features, and steel highlights, the Jura A1 is one of the most elegant on the market. Its simple design complements any space, making it perfect for all kitchens no matter the size.

As with other similar machines, it is primarily made from plastic, which includes the machine casing, drip tray, bean hopper, and water reservoir. Despite being mainly plastic, it is an extremely durable and reliable machine. The boiler is made from stainless steel aluminum with a Thermoblock design. Among one of the smallest single-cup brewers on offer, it’s only 9.4 x 17.5 x 12.7 inches in dimension and weighs under 20 pounds, making it easy to maneuver.

It has a 37 oz water reservoir located at the back of the machine that is easy to remove and a 5 oz bean hopper with an aroma preservation cover. The machine even has ventilation slots on the top. It operates at 120V with a 1450W power rating. It also has an adjustable coffee spout to accommodate larger mugs and cups.

Operating it is simple with just one button and further options with the built-in touch panel. The touch panel options include descaling, filter, cleaning, water tank, ground coffee, coffee grounds container, coffee strength ‘Normal’ and ‘Strong’, ristretto, espresso, and coffee. Additionally, there’s a grinder adjustment switch on top with a cap cover.

Quality elements

Jura is known for delivering superior espresso, so let’s take a closer look at the features and functionalities of this premium coffee machine.

Integrated Conical Burr Grinder — You won’t get lost with the fast and easy-to-use Aroma G3 grinder. You can adjust the fineness or coarseness of the coffee grounds, utilizing the grinder adjustment switch. For finer grinds, switch to the right, otherwise, switch to the left, and don’t worry it has symbols on the cover to ensure you are switching the correct way.

Aroma Preservation Seal – You won’t need to remove the remaining beans from the hopper with this feature. Designed to keep your beans fresh for days, the Aroma Preservation Seal in the bean hopper makes this possible.

Touchscreen Control Panel — This serves to main functions, which are showing maintenance messages and displaying options while using the machine. You can choose various cup sizes with the illuminated symbols. If you encounter any issues, the symbols will light up and flash accordingly. For example, if the water tank icon lights up, it means it’s either empty or not properly placed.

Pulse Extraction Process — With this perfected and exclusive extraction process, you will get a full-bodied, natural flavored coffee, cup after cup. This process allows the machine to pulse pressure through the brew unit for superior extraction.

Programmability — While there may be limited programming options, this shouldn’t be a concern for coffee purists. Volume-wise, there are three options of ristretto, espresso, or long coffees. The machine also provides two strength options, which are 8 or 10 grams of ground coffee.

Height-Adjustable Coffee Spout — With cup clearance between 2-5.5 inches, the adjustable coffee spout makes it possible for all coffee drinkers to enjoy their favorite coffee no matter the size of the cup.

Energy-Saving Mode — This is a much-needed addition not only for energy efficiency but also for safety. When the machine is left idle for five minutes, it will enter energy-saving mode and after two hours, it will automatically turn off. With the Zero-Energy switch, you can rest easy, knowing that the machine isn’t using power while not in use.

Simple and effective setup

Included with the machine is an informative user manual detailing step-by-step setup and operating instructions. For further information, feel free to visit the website www.jura.com. For those not wanting to go through the manual, we have covered some important information below.

On first use, you may choose to use the optional CLEARYL Blue filter cartridge. If your water hardness level is around 10°dH, it is recommended to use the filter. To extend the life of the coffee machine, you will need to know the water hardness level. For complete instructions on the filter, please refer to the user manual.

Your next step is to fill the bean hopper with fresh, roasted coffee beans (do not use sugar-treated, ground coffee, or freeze-dried coffee). To maintain the freshness of the coffee beans, use the aroma preservation cover. Afterward, fill the water tank and place it at the back of the machine.

You can now adjust the coffee strength by selecting the drink you want from the touch screen, then, select either ‘normal’ or ‘strong’. The coffee machine has a pre-set amount of water it uses for each cup unless you manually override this setting.

To manually override the amount of water in your coffee, place your desired cup under the spout, press and hold the Espresso icon until the Ristretto and Coffee icons go out. You will now see the Espresso and Coffee strength symbols flashing. Once the water reaches your preferred volume, touch the Espresso symbol once. Now the machine will remember your preferred volume and will dispense that amount each time.

If you have pre-ground or decaffeinated coffee, this must be placed in the powder chute. Using a measuring spoon, place 1 leveled scoopful of ground coffee into the filler funnel and touch the Coffee icon to start preparing your coffee. It will automatically stop once the pre-set volume of water is reached.

After five minutes of idle time, the energy-saving mode will activate. As this activates, you will notice the brightness of the touchscreen starts to dim, with occasional blinks or flashes of the symbols until it automatically turns off after two hours.

It may seem simple to operate but relies on you learning the different symbols and their functions. While you can get a great cup of coffee with the preset settings, you shouldn’t feel limited to this and can change these presets to suit your preferences.

The brewing process

Once you know the symbols, this single-cup espresso machine is simple and easy to use. From ristretto, espresso, or long coffee, the Jura A1 masters them all. Let’s take a closer look at each step to make a delightfully aromatic coffee.

First, ensure the water tank is full and place your fresh coffee beans into the bean hopper. Once the machine is turned on, it will automatically rinse the coffee spout and will require a receptacle to be placed underneath.

Once the rinsing has finished, place your desired cup underneath the spout and adjust as necessary. Then, press the symbol for your preferred shot. The coffee grinder starts with a burst of noise, but don’t worry it won’t last long and is quieter than some others on the market.

The machine will go silent with the Pulse Extraction Process commencing, extracting the natural flavors and aromas from the beans. Wait for your cup to fill, then, enjoy your Jura coffee. As noted earlier, you can change the pre-set amount of water dispensed for a specific cup size or leave it with the existing amount.

Yes, it’s that easy to have a barista-style coffee at home!

Easy steps to keep the machine running smoothly

All coffee machines require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure their durability and longevity. With these simple steps below, the Jura A1 will continue to be a reliable appliance for a long time to come. The machine includes an informative user manual with clear instructions for recommended care and maintenance which we highly recommend you read.

After each use, the drip tray and coffee grounds container can be cleaned by rinsing them in hot water. The coffee grounds container is to be cleaned while the machine is still on, this is to ensure that it registers back to zero. You only need a damp cloth (microfiber cloth works well) to clean the outside surface of the machine.

Additionally, there are integrated maintenance programs aside from the daily cleaning. The three programs with this machine are: cleaning the machine, descaling the machine, and changing the filter.

You will be automatically prompted to clean the machine after 180 preparations or 80 switch-on rinses. You are also able to do manual cleaning, without the need for the prompt. To clean the machine, simultaneously touch the two coffee strength symbols, then, the two coffee strength level symbols. The descaling and the filter symbol will light up. Then, continue with the process until it finishes.

To eliminate limescale deposits that build up in the machine over time, descaling is a necessary process to keep your machine running smoothly. It is essential the process is followed rigorously and not interrupted as this can cause damage to the machine. The full descaling process takes approximately 40 minutes in total. As with cleaning the machine, you can descale the machine without prompting and the process is similar to cleaning.

Finally, cleaning the filter. Once the machine registers about 60L of water through the filter, you will be prompted to clean it. This is usually after about 2 months of usage. You may also manually clean the filter before prompted if desired.

So, who should be considering the Jura A1?

If you are a lover of premium black coffee, you will love the Jura A1 espresso machine. From the sleek, compact, and stylish design to the aromatic, full-bodied extraction of the coffee beans, the Jura A1 is a winner for quality coffee.

For lovers of lattes or other milk-based coffee options, the Jura A1 may not be the best fit as it lacks a milk steamer.

Despite the higher price tag, the Jura A1 specializes in ristretto, espresso, and long coffee which it does exceptionally well, offering more benefits than drawbacks.

The final decision

Being one of the slimmest and sleekest on the market, the Jura A1 is ideal for anywhere. The shiny piano black features and silver highlights make for an elegant option. The machine is simple and fast to use, boasting an exclusive extraction process and producing robust and full-flavored coffee.

Another reminder is that it doesn’t have a milk steamer, making it unsuitable for latte lovers.

However, if you’re a black coffee purist who is after fragrant and bold coffee, look no further. When weighing up the price with its features, some may think it is a bit expensive. However, with the convenience and quality of the coffee produced, it is well worth the price tag.

We didn’t detail this aspect earlier, but the grinding and brewing process is fairly quiet compared to similar machines on offer, making the Jura A1 ideal for home or office use.

From the aesthetically pleasing design to the exceptional quality coffee and reasonable pricing, the Jura A1 won’t disappoint.

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