Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

When talking about coffee, many people can tell you struggles they’ve had to face when trying to get a good, solid, cup of joe; particularly your elders, as during their time, good coffee was quite hard to come by. In today’s day and age though, you can find this beverage everywhere, from gas stations to the corner shop of your neighborhood.

However, with the popularization of coffee, we also have to acknowledge the fake coffee flavoring and drinks some companies have started selling to better their profits. To stay cautious of this, we would like to introduce you to a brand called Jura Giga 6, and now with their coffee machines, you can make your own barista-grade coffee at home.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you know that coffee is all about the experience it gives you. The aroma, the warmth, bold flavor, and the immediate rush it gives you, getting you ready to start your day.

Diners, cafés, and coffee companies have spent decades trying to find this perfect experience to sell to you but haven’t quite reached the mark yet although many have come close. It is important to consider how far coffee making has come and how it has evolved. From having diners serve your black coffee in the 60s, you can now enjoy a latte while sitting from the comfort of your dining table.

One of the biggest factors that have contributed to this evolution of coffee is the invention of the espresso coffee machine. Coming with various features that even the biggest coffee addicts can’t keep up with, these machines have completely revolutionized the coffee game. A typical, run-of-the-mill coffee machine available for sale at your local grocery store has the basic feature of having hot water run through a puck of ground coffee beans, causing them to get diluted and bringing out their delicious coffee flavor. This process is what releases the concentrated form of liquid that is known as espresso.

The Jura Giga 6 was purposefully made not only to include this feature but to excel at extracting espresso from coffee grounds. The Jura Giga 6 was also designed to go above and beyond by including features that many espresso machines available in the market lack. Just as how your barista will know what you would love in your coffee before you even mention it to them, the Jura Giga 6 will learn your quirks and preferences and will present them for your selection through a self-learning algorithm.

The Jura espresso machine will also give you the option of precisely refining your coffee preferences from the percentage of water in your cup to the consistency of the coffee grounds. And speaking of coffee grounds, the Jura espresso machine has 2 self-adjusting grinders that give you the option of how fine or how textured you want your coffee to be. It’s all in your hands! Making your perfect cup of coffee has never been this accessible.

We all have days when we have absolutely no time to sit and finish our mugs of coffee. If you’re anything like this, have no worries. The Jura Giga 6 has an amazing travel-sized mug created to aid you for this very purpose. The Jura 6 also has a double thermo-lock and an efficient pump system, giving it the ability to prepare milk and espresso at the same time. This will save you a lot of time and it also opens up a huge door of coffee varieties. Are you interested in having flat white, café latte, or cortado coffee with no hassle and no extra time? No problem! The Jura Giga 6 has you covered.

If you’re still looking for reasons to consider the Jura espresso machine, may we also state that our machine is compatible with its very own app called the J.O.E. (Jura Operating Experience). By using this app, you don’t even have to get up and make coffee, the app makes it for you. By combining technology with convenience, we’ve made sure that we don’t comprise the main objective which started everything: coffee.

Sure, you can flaunt our amazing espresso machine that can make many variations of coffee beverages. You also can show off our app that can make a cup of joe all on its own. But is the Jura Giga 6 really worth your money? Let’s find out below.

How does the coffee taste?
Each coffee beverage programmed into the espresso machine has its own presets stored in the machine to ensure proper taste, look, and texture. This precise program ensures each different variation of coffee comes out looking and tasting exactly how it should be. Because of this amazing attention to detail, Jura Giga 6 has really taken the espresso coffee machines game to the next level as they make sure each drink looks and tastes amazing. The power of creating the most impressive cup of coffee now rests in your hands.

The Jura Giga can do amazing things!
There’s no denying that the Jura Giga 6 makes amazing coffee. The foam frother makes the micro-foam even frothier and it’s not just limited to dairy products; you can also steam non-dairy milk to achieve their ideal texture. What’s more, is that the frother is self-cleaning; this ensures the perfect taste every time with zero effort required from you. Talk about convenience!

Even if you don’t enjoy a typical cup of black coffee, there are an additional 27 variations of coffee beverages for you to choose from. These include the most popular types of coffee: ristretto, espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, cortado, flat white, and americano. You can have expertly made steamed milk that’s both frothy and bubbly. There truly is something for everyone.

Because of all the customizable features that the Jura Giga offers, it will take a few tries to get the perfect cup of coffee that suits your tastes. We highly encourage you to experiment with the water temperature, water level, and texture of the coffee grinds to find the perfect balance.

Is Giga 6 easy to use?
To answer this plainly: yes. The Jura Giga 6 has a 4.3″ LED touch screen that you can operate by using the blue crystal dial. This feature makes it a cinch to operate the machine. Having a great cup of coffee is just a button press away.

With convenience as its main objective, the Jura Giga 6 is the perfect coffee machine to use. Simply put your coffee beans into one of the 2 ceramic grinders present, put a lid on it to prevent its aromas from getting out and you’re all set. When activated, the chrome vents present on top of the machine automatically regulate the temperature to ensure the perfect cup of coffee.

Your coffee and milk are dispensed separately to ensure no unwanted dilution occurs. Not only are they located at different places to ensure proper separation but you can also adjust them for height and width, depending on the cup you’re using for your coffee. You can also make 2 drinks simultaneously if you’ve got company. There is also a water spout if you’re in the mood for a nice relaxing cup of tea.

The Jura Giga 6 does a fantastic job of grinding your coffee as quietly as possible. This helps with omitting noise pollution and if you live with family, you know the importance of doing things as quietly as possible. What’s more is that while you’re brewing your coffee, if you happen to change your mind about the settings of the coffee, it is still possible to adjust the settings while it pours into the cup.

Drip trays are also a common feature for many coffee machines and therefore it was only right for our engineers to pay special attention to them. Our drip trays are dishwasher-safe and can be conveniently removed, emptied, cleaned, and reinserted back into place. Even the placement of used coffee grounds has been considered as they fall into the center of the drip tray to avoid spillage.

The quickest lattes on the market
What we’re known for is a quick, efficient but well-made cup of coffee. The Jura Giga 6 can even get away with making two cafe lattes at the same time. What works is that the milk and the coffee blend at the same time to create a cup of immaculate coffee.

At the time of purchase, the Jura Giga machines are factory set, this means that they are pre-programmed to make any and all standard drinks. If you’re good with these then that’s perfect. But if you’re interested in customizable drinks, that’s when the Jura Giga really shines through. As you’re aware by now our machine is extremely customizable with just a few taps on the machine or on your phone. Measuring your coffee strength, volume, and also milk volume is just the tip of the iceberg with what you can do with the Jura Giga 6.

What are some of the features of the Jura Giga 6?
When it comes to the technology that the Jura Giga offers, there is much to talk about. The touch screen offers 2 screens from which you can choose your drinks. If you’re in the mood for something and want to customize it to your tastes specifically, don’t break a sweat, it is only as simple as pressing a button and entering your preferences. You can also adjust the product settings. One of the key features of this machine is the customize and duplicate option. This option allows the users to keep the original drink, make a copy, and then modify the copy.

Shortcomings of the Giga 6?
Every machine available on the market will indeed have some kind of flaw. Apart from the prices, no machine is 100% perfect.

Some of our customers have included in their reviews that they have experienced the machine leaking either coffee, milk, or water. Though the chances of this happening are very, very slim, Jura does have great customer service and is eager to help you.

Another common complaint is that our touch screens can be oversensitive. This may be a problem for some but the upside is that we have integrated more than one way to operate the device. You can of course use the touch screens but if the problem persists, the rotary dial is an alternative way to operating the Jura Giga 6.

Final Thoughts on the Jura Giga 6
The Jura Giga 6 flawlessly integrates seamless automation into a coffee machine.

The Giga 6 expertly integrates technology and drinks to create the perfect, most convenient user experience. This combination works flawlessly to better serve its purpose.
With so many features the Jura Giga 6 coffee machine produces a great cup of coffee every time.

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