Jura S8 Automatic Coffee Machine Review

Compact yet elegant, the premium quality Jura S8 super-automatic espresso machine has intuitive technology, state-of-the-art features, and an appealing Swiss design. With a cost that’s comparable to high-end coffee machines, is it a worthy purchase?

After hours of researching and testing this Jura coffee machine, we completed the following review to determine if the Jura S8 is the right choice for you compared to other machines in your budget.

First Impressions of the Jura S8
Available in Chrome, Black, or Moonlight Silver, this coffee maker stands out over the others no matter what your aesthetic preference is. The stylish S line with its sculptural precision gives the coffee machine a refined look and feel and quality that’s hard to miss. The Jura S8 has carved out its path amongst other coffee machines in the premier mid-segment due to its simple and intelligent design.

While it’s sure to look amazing on your countertop, it’s important to note the details of the design before purchasing. Built for high demand, the S8 has measurements of 28 cm x 34.8 cm x 44.94 cm and weighs in at 22.5 pounds without its water tank, which can hold up to 1.9 liters.

The Jura S8 is amazing because it doesn’t compromise on its aesthetics while still functioning as a high-class espresso machine with elements of the compact class. Its 4.3 TFT Touch Color screen provides a high resolution, intuitive, and vivid experience where the user simply has to choose a drink, press a button and allow the S8 to do what it does best: make amazing coffee.

Design and Materials
The well-constructed body of the Jura S8 allows it to remain durable in any of the color choices: Chrome, Moonlight Silver, or Black. Its thermos-blocking heating system retains heat in the device while making coffee, and the Jura fine foam technology prevents leaks and tears in the machine.

Designed especially for average-level kitchens, the Jura S8 also features a powder chute that keeps the ground coffee in place while the machine is on and running.

Features and Benefits
Take a closer look at the features and benefits of this Jura coffee machine review if you’re looking for the best fully automatic machine.

Coffee Specialties and other Beverage Programs
Sitting at the intersection of a commercial and consumer-type coffee machine, the user can expect that the number of beverage recipes provided by the Jura S8 is far greater than the average espresso machine’s provisions.
For example, a user of the Jura S8 machine can get fabulous pulled espressos any time, as well as the ristretto (a shortened version of the espresso) for those that desire smaller drinks. Many users find that owning the S8 is similar to having an in-home barista due to the delicious pressure-brewed coffee that it produces.

Also available are latte-style drinks such as latte macchiatos, café lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso macchiatos. Additionally, the S8 has a flat white option, it can provide hot water for tea, and can dispense milk and milk foam if the user is feeling creative.

While not quite as automatic as the other drink options, we tried to make hot chocolate using the S8 and the result was still delicious. By simply placing our favorite chocolate powder in a mug, putting the mug under the milk spout, and adding milk and milk foam, we were able to produce a fantastic-tasting hot chocolate.

Compact Design
Measuring 21.4 L x 12.9 W x 17.4 H inches, the Jura S8 is compact and can be placed on kitchen countertops or stored in cabinets with no fears about losing space. The S8’s bean container can hold 10 oz of coffee beans and the water tank can store 64 oz of water. This machine’s simple yet modern aesthetic can fit in any kitchen regardless of interior design and can be found in Chrome, Moonlight Silver, or Black.

Single Cup Brewing
For a quick espresso in the morning, the Jura S8 features a single-cup brewing feature that grinds whole beans, tamps, and brews to produce a delicious tasting cup.

The machine uses the Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) for optimal and fast extraction, quickly pushing hot water through the ground coffee and giving way to a fantastic coffee aroma even when making specialty beverages like espresso and ristretto shots.

One-touch Brewing System
While the process of brewing coffee is often intimidating to some users, the Jura S8 makes it easy to brew a delicious beverage at a touch of a button that takes less than 60 seconds through their exclusive Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) that optimizes extraction times and quality.

The S8 espresso machine features a 4.3 inch high-resolution, color, touchscreen display that operates with just one touch of a finger, making it easy for anyone to use. Regardless of whether you’re a veteran Jura S8 user or a first-time brewer, the screen features animated step-by-step preparation instructions on how to operate the machine.

The S8 is capable of creating up to 15 different barista-quality beverages and can also be programmed with the user’s favorite brew preferences which can be renamed, copied, or duplicated, making it easy to get through your next coffee craving.

Personalized Brewing
Ever dreamed of becoming a barista? Your dreams can finally come true with the Jura S8 by personalizing the brewing volumes and strength of the coffee, with a height-adjustable coffee spout when you need double servings of espresso in your travel cup.

Additionally, the Jura S8 can make up to 15 different coffee beverages to impress your family or friends. Whether they prefer an espresso or a latte macchiato, they are sure to be shocked at the coffee shop-quality drinks your Jura S8 can provide.

Aroma3 Grinder Technology
As a super-automatic grinder, an extremely important component of the machine is its built-in grinder. The Jura S8 features the Aroma3 Grinder technology that is both efficient and quiet, which makes it perfect for times when users want a late-night cup of coffee without waking the household.

A second benefit of the Aroma3 technology is the gentle handling of the coffee beans that never results in burnt beans from the conical burr grinder, leaving the user with a pleasant-tasting cup of coffee every time.

Perfect Milk Foaming
Topping your latte macchiato, cappuccino, or flat white coffee with the perfect, fine foam has never been easier than with the Jura S8. The machine provides animated instructions on how to use the Professional Fine Foam Frother G2 to prepare several coffee drinks that are typically only found in commercial coffee shops like Starbucks, Scooter’s, or Tim Hortons.

Specifically designed to make specialty beverages, the frother is manufactured with high-quality materials to produce high-quality foam for your coffee. When positioned vertically, the Frother G2 creates fine-textured milk foam with the perfect consistency. When positioned horizontally, the frother heats the milk which can be used to make other drinks like hot chocolate. The Frother G2 is cleaned and maintained easily due to its interchangeable milk spouts.

Smart Connectivity
While the Jura S8 does not come with the Smart Connect feature built into its design, there is a slot where the user can connect a Smart Connect Bluetooth device if they wish to increase the convenience of using the machine via remote control. Unfortunately, the range of Bluetooth connectivity with the S8 model falls short of expectations.

Cleaning and Maintenance
While many coffee machines require thorough cleaning before every use, the Jura S8 features a maintenance display with an indicator that alerts the user when the device requires maintenance. Even when alerted that cleaning is required, the machine conducts a self-cleaning process with the touch of a button.

The S8 keeps itself free of buildup and debris by descaling and rinsing, this system is also part of the machine’s milk system. Cleaning tablets made specifically for the Jura S8 are therefore important to keep on hand.
Due to these internal cleaning systems, the S8 has been given the TUV certificate of hygiene, and the exterior is easy to clean with a damp cloth, though it’s important to keep in mind that aggressive scrubbing may damage the machine.

Value for Money
All of this information provided here boils down to a single question: is the Jura S8 espresso machine worth the money?

Keep in mind that this is a coffee machine intended for use in home kitchens with 15 beverage choices that come out perfectly every time.

All of the features of this coffee machine are designed to provide the user with peace of mind, from the grinding process, water cleansing, to its self-cleaning system.

To top it all off, the machine is eco-friendly even with all of its special features. What more could you want in an espresso maker? Our verdict is that this machine is worth every cent.

Who Should Buy the Jura S8?
This machine is perfect for users who like to have different options for their daily coffee, and for busy families who don’t have a lot of time to spare while waiting on a barista to brew them a cup of coffee.

Users can have up to 15 beverage options at the press of a button, all with different preferences available.

This machine is for people who are tech-savvy and with a high budget. While simpler coffee makers are available at less than a third of the S8’s price, they don’t come with all of the special features of the Jura model.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Jura S8?
For those that enjoy a simple cup of black coffee and have very few special preferences, the Jura S8 is not a wise investment. Similarly, those who live alone and those that find themselves easily frustrated with technology would likely not benefit from owning this machine due to its size and high-tech features.

How to Maintain the Jura S8?
The Jura S8 is simple to maintain and doesn’t require much effort from the user. All it requires is that you regularly monitor the maintenance indicator and push the button for self-cleaning when required, being sure to use the designated cleaning tablets.

What is the Daily Maintenance of the S8?
All that is recommended for the user to do is to rinse the water tank once daily and replace the water in the machine with fresh cold water (not mineral or sparkling water) for best results.

Can You Make an Oat Milk Latte with Jura S8?
While there isn’t a sure answer to this question, the machine will not reject oat milk in place of regular cow’s milk. In fact, oat milk is known to froth well and is also high in protein. We say try it out!

Is Descaling the Jura S8 Easy?
Yes. All the user needs to do to descale the machine is to click the button and let the interior mechanisms do what they are designed to do.

The Verdict
So, is the Jura S8 worth the money? Our answer is yes! We believe that this machine is a great addition to any family’s kitchen and will ensure that everyone’s coffee preferences are met, and maybe even exceeded.

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