A good pair of headphones can be one of the best purchases that you ever make. With headphones, you’re able to listen to all of your favorite music, and all of your favorite podcasts, wherever you are. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the bus, on the plane, or in a busy waiting room, you can use your headphones to listen to your audio media, and you don’t have to worry about disturbing the other people around you.

Kygo Life A9/600 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Sometimes, though, headphones aren’t as portable as they should be. Most headphones tend to be a little larger and a little hefty. It can be difficult to store these headphones, and it can be difficult to plug them into your smartphone, or another device, due to their size and bulk.

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When you have a pair of headphones that are nice and portable, it’s a great feeling. But, a lot of headphones rely on a wired connection. You need to physically plug in an audio jack, to use the headphones. This isn’t the most convenient option for a lot of people, and it reduces the portability. More importantly, though, wires tangle and knot, and if a wire gets damaged, you may be unable to use your headphones.

Kygo Life A9/600 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Review

That’s why Bluetooth headphones are becoming so popular. With headphones that use Bluetooth technology, you aren’t restricted by a wire, and instead, you can use your headphones without plugging in anything. Just go on your device and use the Bluetooth signal to connect to your headphones. That’s all you need to do!

In this quick buying guide, we’re going to look at the Kygo Life A9/600 Bluetooth Headphones. These are excellent Bluetooth headphones that offer a variety of great features and attributes. You’re going to learn what those features and attributes are, and whether or not these are the right Bluetooth headphones for you!

What Do The Kygo Life A9/600 Bluetooth Headphones Offer?

On the headphones themselves, there is a layer of memory cushion. This layer of memory cushion is nice and comfortable. You can wear it for a long period, and you won’t feel any discomfort. With this memory foam, the headphones are very sturdy and solid around your ears. They don’t feel unstable, nor are they prone to slipping off. This is great for runners and people who like to exercise while wearing headphones.

Kygo Life A9/600 Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Due to the size of the headphones, and how well they can fit around your ears, they are great at canceling out all of the outside sounds and noises that are all around you. If you’re listening to a great song or a fascinating podcast, it’s always annoying to hear the sound of trucks and motorcycles, that’s why this noise cancellation is especially useful.

Kygo Life A9/600 Review

When you plug in these headphones and begin to use them, you’ll notice that there are two methods of accessing the different settings that these headphones give you. Using the Kygo Sound App, you’re able to adjust the volume, as well as various other qualities of the sound you are hearing, such as the intensity of the bass. You have a great deal of control over the audio that you are listening to, and this makes it easy to have the best audio experience you can have. Alternatively, you can press your finger against the right headphone, and by doing that, you can accept or deny phone calls, adjust the volume, and switch tracks.

If you want to plug in these headphones, there is a small 3.5MM audio jack that Kygo has provided. This audio jack works well, and it’s quite durable, too, so you don’t need to worry about it getting crushed or damaged. To go along with that, these headphones are quite strong and durable, as well. They will last a long time. You can fold them up so that they’re easier to store in your bag or purse.

Kygo Life A9/600 Headphones

Ultimately, the Kygo Life A9/600 Bluetooth Headphones are excellent Bluetooth headphones that give you quite a bit. You have excellent audio quality, comfort, durability, and an application that gives you plenty of control over what it is that you are listening to. These are all great qualities, but the biggest “flaw” of these Bluetooth headphones is the fact that they are quite expensive. If that’s not a problem, then these are an excellent choice.


Ultimately, the Kygo Life A9/600 Bluetooth Headphones are fantastic. But, they’re also fairly expensive. If you don’t mind spending some cash, then these are great headphones that are completely worth it!

Kygo Life A9/600

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