Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds Review (Charging Case Included)

Earbuds are great! Headphones are great, too, but they’re also quite a bit different from earbuds. With headphones, you have these large and somewhat cumbersome devices that you need to place over the top of your head, or the back of your head, to use. That’s where the name comes from. And while headphones are great for creating excellent noise quality, and drowning out the sound in a particularly loud and rambunctious area, mobility isn’t always their strong suit.

Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds

Headphones may not be the most mobile of devices, but earbuds certainly are! With good earbuds, you can safely store them in your pocket, in a little pouch, or some other small container. And then, you can pull them out, and place them into your phone, or another device, to listen to your music, shows, podcasts, etc.

Today, earbuds have improved quite a bit, and now the audio quality is, in many instances, just as good as the audio quality found in headphones. And, more and more earbuds have noise-canceling properties, so you’re able to listen to your media, without being bothered by loud sounds from the environment that you’re in.

Unfortunately, most earbuds rely on wires. Wires are tricky things because they can easily become tangled up and torn, which damages the earbuds. Fortunately, though, many earbud manufacturers understand the inconveniences of wires and have chosen to create wireless earbuds.

Kygo Life E7/900 Review

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In this buying guide, you’re going to learn all about the Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds. These are wireless earbuds that rely on Bluetooth technology for you to connect your device to them. They are great, and you’re going to learn all about the unique features and attributes that make them great!

What Do The Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds Have To Offer?

Immediately, you’re going to notice that these earbuds have a nice and comfortable design. It’s not a particularly beautiful or aesthetically pleasing design, but they look nice enough. However, what’s most important is just how comfortable they are to use, and these are some very comfortable earbuds.

Kygo Life E7/900

Wearing the earbuds, on their own, is a comfortable experience. You won’t have any problems or difficulties wearing them on their own. But, sometimes, you need something else, you need an accessory that makes it a little easier for you to wear them. Fortunately, Kygo Life has included several accessories that allow you to adapt the experience so that it is ideal for you.

The accessories you can use are these sport wings that allow you to attach them to your ear so that they don’t fall off while you are playing sports or running. And then, if you need some extra help, there are ear tips that you can add to these earbuds, which makes them a little more comfortable, and a bit easier to wear.

Most of the time, you aren’t going to need these accessories. But, if you need some extra comfort or functionality, then they are very useful.

Kygo Life Bluetooth Earbuds

The Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds are waterproof. Most Bluetooth earbuds are not, for whatever reason, but Kygo Life has designed these earbuds so that they won’t damage if they fall into a puddle, or if water falls onto them. You can put these earbuds into a three-foot bottle of water, and the earbuds won’t get damaged at all. But, anything larger than three-feet of water, and the earbuds will sustain a bit of damage.

On the earbuds themselves, there is a little button. This little button is very useful. When you connect these earbuds to your phone or any other mobile device, you can press this button. This button allows you to turn the volume up, or down, when listening to your audio media. You can also use it to go to another track, or to activate an incoming call. That way, you don’t have to go into your pocket and pull out your mobile device; instead, you just press the button that is right on the earbuds.

Using a single charge, the Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds give you 10.5-hours of battery life. That’s a decent amount of battery life, and they don’t take very long to recharge, either.


Ultimately, if you don’t mind spending a bit of cash, the Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds are some of the best Bluetooth earbuds that you can find in today’s market. The price is a bit high, but you are getting some excellent earbuds that will last for a nice, long time.

Kygo Life E7/900 Bluetooth Earbuds Review

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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