Miele C3 Canister Vacuums Compared Calima vs Alize vs Kona vs Marin vs Brilliant vs Cat & Dog

They all come with an upholstery tool, crevice tool and dusting brush which are stored on board in the hidden compartment.

For hard floors most of them come with a parquet twister floorhead whether it’s the normal sized one or the XL version like the Brilliant comes with. Those that don’t come with the parquet twister come with the AllTeQ Combination floorhead which can do hard floors and carpet. Only the Brilliant includes both a parquet twister and an AllTeQ Combo floorhead.

For carpets most of the electric versions come with either the Electro Plus or Electro Premium floorheads, both of which have a 5 level height adjustment so they can tackle all sizes of carpet though the Premium does have a slightly different build as well as LED lights.

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The regular C3 is set up where you choose which electro brush you want when you purchase it.

For carpets, the suction only C3’s like the Calima come with the suction based Turbo Comfort floorhead while the Alize which has the least attachments of any C3 only comes with the Alltech Combination floorhead which we mentioned in the hard floor tool section.

There are a few other odds and ends here, for example the C3 Cat and Dog is the only C3 to come with the handheld mini turbo brush, and the C3 Homecare+ which has the most attachments of any C3 also comes with an extendable flexible crevice tool and an adjustable universal brush.

Most of the other differences are related to advanced features. For example even though all the C3s have a so called park system for easily storing the brush and wand during vacuuming breaks only the Alize, Soft Carpet, Marin, Brilliant and Homecare+ have the park system auto shut off, which turns off the vacuum when you use the park system. Those same c3s also happen to be the only ones to have an indicator to let you know its time to change the filter as well.

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