NEWYES Smartpen Sync to The Mobile Devices Review

Smartpens are a fairly niche technology. Many people are aware of them, but not a lot of people actually know what they do, and what they’re made for.

NEWYES Smartpen Review

A smartpen is a device that allows you to write on a digital device, such as a tablet or smartphone. It’s similar to a stylus. But, what a smartpen does is it records your handwriting, and then it uses the data it gathers, regarding your style of handwriting, and allows you to write in that manner, on a digital device.

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So, for example, if you need to sign a contract, by hand, but you don’t have a printer, you can simply open up a digital file of that contract and sign it using your smartpen, and it will look just like your real signature.

We’re going to look at the NEWYES Smartpen, one of the best smartpens available, in this buying guide. You’re going to learn what it offers, and what makes it great!

NEWYES Smartpen Sync to The Mobile Devices

What Does The NEWYES Smartpen Offer?

The NEWYES Smartpen comes with a wide variety of absolutely fantastic features. This is one of the best smartpens available, due to the sheer diversity of the features that are offered, as well as due to just how well-designed and integrated all of these features are.

On the NEWYES Smartpen, there is a camera. This camera captures the location of everything that you write. It captures the exact location, and the contents of the writing itself, so that you know what you wrote and where you wrote it. Using Bluetooth 4.2 technology, you can transfer written records of what you’ve written, to your smartphone or tablet. That way, you can access it for later.

NEWYES Smartpen

Most of the time, you’re going to be using the NEWYES Smartpen in conjunction with the NEWYES Note application. This is an application for your phone, as well as your tablet. It allows you to do a couple of things that are very useful.

When you are writing or drawing, the saved data goes into the hard drive of your device, as well as into the NEWYES Note app. From this app, you can then share what you’ve written to different people. You can share it with them through email, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, along with many other different applications.

You are also able to use the NEWYES Note app to edit what you have written, using the smartpen, and to search for the saved content that you have written, by typing in various keywords and phrases that you have written in the past.

NEWYES Smartpen Sync

As you are writing, you can use a small microphone to record various thoughts and musings that you have, during the writing process. And, not only that, the writing that you make is able to be played back to you, as if you had spoken it aloud, using the NEWYES Smartpen.


If you’re looking for an excellent smartpen that is affordable, easy-to-use, and full of useful features, then the NEWYES Smartpen is one of the best choices on the market!

NEWYES Smartpen Sync to The Mobile Devices

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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