Numatic Henry HVR200 / HVX200 Tests and Review! – Canister Vacuum

A Numatic International vacuum for instance the Original Henry HVR200 is one of those things that super well known and loved in the UK but hardly anybody knows about in America, but we put the Henry 200 through all of our usual tests and found that it blew away many of its competition and in our opinion really deserves to be more well known in the US market. So links in the description for current prices and lets get started.

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Im such as the Henry 200 in the commercial vacuum cleaner series we’re in action on, due to the fact based on Nacecare Solutions who is the distributor for Numatic International in North America, Numatic vacuums are built for light professional use, and are apparently utilized a lot in the cruise ship industry.

So in the past we get into all the test results I should probably quickly hit the basic functions.

the Henry 200 offers the main machine, a 33 feet cord which seems extremely sturdy and can be wound up with just one use of the mechanism on the top. It has a few accessories such as a combo floorhead which can be adjusted for hard floors or carpets. Additionally it has a lightweight aluminum wand, with a height adjustment. It offers 2 Hepa bags and a pretty nifty filtration system which we’ll discuss at a later time. It has holders for 2 tools and the cleaner head for easy storage and its seems acutely well built with solid materials and extremely sturdy sensation castors.

I should mention that the Henry Xtra is and the truth is all the same thing but with more tools and floorheads and i’ll link that in the description as well.

Alright Lets jump right in to the pros

Its really powerful.
We tested its suction at 87 inches of water lift which is by far the maximum number yet in the commercial vacuum cleaner series were doing.

We also tested its flow of air with an anemometer in a few areas, and it scored a whopping 106 cfm at the hose and 72 cfm at the floor nozzle which again blows away all of the other commercial vacuums Ive tested with the next closest, the Proteam Proforce only getting 66 cfm.

So how does this flow of air and suction manifest itself, well when coupled with the included Wessell Work combo floor head which is designed to accentuate suction and flow of air, it did the a lot better than any of the vacuums in this series at the crevice pickup test, actually it was among the best efficiency i’ve ever seen on that test.

Its power also showed up in the carpet deep clean test where we embed 100 grams of sand into a medium pile carpet and weigh the case in the past and after. the Henry scored 98% on this test, again the maximum score so far in this series, and that is with a non motorized floor nozzle, so its pretty astounding.

Another pro was its filtration in our newly design filtration test where we vacuum cleaner up a unique type of dust and measure the quality of the air in the past and after the Henry scored a 15, meaning an average of 15 2.5 micron sized particles in the air per cubic meter, which was actually no different than the original baseline in the past we even started vacuumimg which was also 15,. For reference a failing score in this test would be 100, and the worst score i’ve measured so far is the Oreck XL at 3600. So the Henry is really excellent at filtration.

When it came to the pickup test on hard floors and carpets I think Im gonna come with it in the Pros section although it could possibly be a con based on how you look at the results.

So as I mentioned earlier Wessell Work designed the Floor Heads that the Henry 200 uses, actually Wessell Work designs the floor heads for pretty much all premium canister vacuums such as Miele vacuums.
As we’ve seen they’re very good tools for suction and flow of air but that actually makes them really poor at picking up large debris, at least in the way that non canister customers are utilized to picking up larger debris. And the truth is you require to learn a few techniques like putting the front of the head on the ground and pulling the wand back to be able to get larger debris.

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