The Ovente ST2620B is a lightweight, bagless, multipurpose canister cyclonic vacuum cleaner that not only cleans but also purifies and improves air quality with its HEPA filtration system. If you are currently in the market for a new vacuum cleaner and want to find out if the Ovente is right for you, keep reading to learn more about the features as well as pros, and cons of this canister vacuum.


The Ovente has many features, some standard for most vacuum cleaners and other features that are unique and innovative. Possibly the most noteworthy feature of this vacuum is the HEPA Filtration System. This feature enables the vacuum to suck up smaller particles than a standard vacuum would be able to detect. Using this feature would allow you to rid your carpets and floors of mold spores, bacteria, and dander.

Retractable Cord

Another great feature of this vacuum worth mentioning is the retractable cord! If you are like most Americans, you probably dread taking the time to wrap up your vacuum cord manually after each use. This task becomes a thing of the past with the retractable cord feature. When you’re finished vacuuming you simply step on the power on/off pedal, unplug and then with the push of a button the cord retracts and wraps itself to save you the hassle!

Go Bagless

This vacuum attempts to simplify your cleaning experience with the bagless feature. This feature saves you from having to continuously replace vacuum bags which can be expensive and messy! The bag in this vacuum is replaced with an easily removable dust filter. Instead of replacing bags all you have to do is remove the filter, empty it, and snap it back on.

Pressure Control and Power

The air pressure control feature of this vacuum lets you modify how powerful you want the suction to be. With up to 1400 watts of suction power, you can choose to perform either a light sweep or a deep clean. This feature is ideal if you have carpets of different lengths or rugs in your home as carpets and rugs with smaller fibers require a very powerful suction to remove dirt while longer carpets and rugs require a much less powerful suction.

Premium Attachments

The possibilities with this vacuum are almost endless when you consider all of the premium attachments it comes with!

Included with this vacuum is:
– A pet brush that easily sucks away all of the hard to reach hairs left by your dog or cat
– A bendable brush that bends to reach awkward, hard to reach places that can collect dirt and dust.
– The bristle brush sucks dust bunnies and dust on surfaces such as windows.
– The telescoping wand lets you reach higher areas without straining yourself.
– The upholstery tool is perfect for getting a better clean for your couch.



The Ovente ST2620B is extremely versatile. It can perform multiple tasks making it a go-to all in one machine that saves you from having to purchase multiple other machines to perform different tasks. Because premium attachments are included, you will not have to spend extra money to enable the vacuum to perform all of its functions.

Quality performance

Customers rave about the suction quality of this vacuum. 1400 watts of power allows this small machine to pick up dirt particles that you may not even be able to see!

Easy Clean

This vacuum is a breeze when it comes to cleaning. Remove the dust filter when full, empty it, and snap the dust filter back on.


Must be cleaned frequently

Although cleaning this vacuum is quite easy, it has to be done frequently. The HEPA filter doesn’t hold a large quantity of dirt and must be emptied after each use. This can be inconvenient for many customers.

Short power cord

Another con about this vacuum is the length of the power cord. The cord is 16 feet long which is relatively short compared to most vacuums on the market. This is a downside if you want to vacuum a large area.


Along with the power cord, the vacuum itself is quite small. The height is only 13.4 inches making it difficult for tall people to use.

Poor design

Most complaints about this vacuum regarding the design. For instance, the wheels don’t turn easily and the handle is located on the bottom making it more complicated to transport; the attachments cannot be stored on the vacuum meaning you will have to find a storage place to keep the attachments.


All in all, this canister vacuum can still be considered a good value despite its flaws. If you need a vacuum that is lightweight, easy to use, and can perform multiple functions, then the Ovente ST2620B may be just the right vacuum for you.

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