Proteam Proforce 1200xp / 1500xp REVIEW – Commercial Upright Vacuum TESTS

Next up in our series on commercial vacuum cleaners we have the Proteam Proforce 1500xp, We put it through a lot of test compared it to some of its competitors and the results were pretty interesting, so links in the description and lets get started.

So the model number of this vacuum is 1500xp the 15 refers to the length of the brush path width I.E 15 inches, but the 1200xp which you guessed it has a 12 inch width is a little bit cheaper but otherwise the exact same unit, so this review should work for both versions.

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So, starting with the pros, we love the Proteam brand and have tested one of their backpack vacuums in the past which blew us away with its suction power and airflow, and their upright vacuums have a ton of power as well with their dual motor system. After testing its suction and airflow at the wand and at the cleaner head we found that it had almost 15 percent more suction than either the Windsor XP or the Sanitaire EON, And with airflow, which I would argue is a more important power metric it scored almost 100 cfm at the wand, so about 20/25% more than its competitors, with similar results at the cleaner head. So yeah it has more power than its much more expensive competitors.

Its power mostly showed up with its deep cleaning ability. I should mention here that I recently revamped the way I do deep clean tests. Mostly by getting a much more accurate scale that can sense even a couple extra grains of sand. I also started testing each vacuum at least twice and taking an average score to reduce the margin of error. So After re-testing every commercial vacuum in this series so far the new results have the Proteam Proforce ahead with an average score of 97 percent compared to 94 for the Windsor and 90.5 for the Sanitaire.

A few other pros for the Proforce include its really long 50’ heavy duty cord. you expect heavy duty cords on a commercial vacuum but 50 feet is longer than its competition. I do wish the cord was separated like with the EON and not proprietary but it is what it is.

Another pro is its filtration, it has a two HEPA filters, we tested it in a few different ways, like the other commercial vacs we have tested so far it was way better than average but not entirely perfect, I did see a little but of fog in the fog test but nothing major. I am developing a new fitration test with a particle meter but its not quite ready, as Im still waiting on some fancy professional testing dust to be deliverd but I should have it ready by the time I finish this series on commercial vacuums.

The final pro is that it has great parts availability and a 3 years parts and labor warranty which is a year more than its competitors and most every part is available and in stock on their website, also did I mention it’s a lot cheaper than its competitors, check the links below to compare current prices.

So it cant all be rainbows and unicorns let move on to the cons.

Starting with the first thing I noticed, it was difficult to assemble, I spend 20 minutes, looking at the directions trying to figure out what to do, and even when I knew what to do it was kind of hard to do. Its not a huge deal but it was something worth mentioning.

Even though its basically the same weight overall as its competitors it was almost 2 lbs heavier on the arm than the Sanitaire and 1 lbs heavier than the Windsor which is pretty significant for arm weight, and it made it the most difficult to maneuver… of the 3 we have tested, it wasn’t extreme or anything but it was noticeable.

Probably the biggest con as far as I am concerned is that it does not have a way to adjust its height, which isn’t a big deal as long as you don’t come across larger debris but for example on carpet it wasn’t even able to pickup fruity pebbles, which is pretty rare, even vacuums that struggle with larger debris on hard floors like the Windsor for example which struggled with anything larger than cheerios on hard floors could pickup cheerios and even froot ;loops on carpets, in other words almost no vacuum has large debris trouble on carpets but the Proteam Proforce does.

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