“Choose the right tool for the job”. Is a statement that any professional can agree to. Whether you are cleaning a commercial property or your home the Hoover CH30000 is the right tool. Vacuum up your troubles and your problems with this nifty little vacuum which follows in a long line of successful Hoovers.

Comfort & Movement

Weighing in at only 8.3 pounds this vacuum is extremely lightweight. Ensuring you can vacuum for long periods without any discomfort. This lack of weight is important as the Hoover CH30000 is designed to be worn over your shoulder. Allowing for excellent ease of movement even on surfaces such as staircases.

Ease of use is also increased by the power they have managed to pack into such a small container measuring only 20.9 x 12.5 x 7.3 inches. Making this vacuum smaller and lighter than many loaded school backpacks. Roam freely through your premises with a 33-foot long power cord that alleviates the pain of constantly having to re-plug your machine.


Discover an instant attachment as you are bound to fall in love with your Hoover CH30000. With a cleverly thought out range of attachments and accessories, the Hoover has the fitting for nearly any cleaning job. Choose from a wall/floor or dusting brush, an upholstery or rug/floor nozzle, or the handy crevice tool. Easily reach those difficult cleaning jobs with a stretch hose that expands your cleaning area.

The combination rug and floor nozzle is 10 inches wide and will allow you to give a thorough clean to most floor types and is ideal for large areas. The dusting brush has rigid bristles that allow you to rouse any dust or particles to be carried quickly into the line of the vacuums excellent suction.

Walls and floors can also be given extra cleaning with the special swivel nozzle that allows for easy maneuvering over any surface or obstacles. Furniture can be given the correct level of care with the specially designed upholstery nozzle. Reach the hardest cleaning spaces with the very nifty crevice tool.

Bag it up

Enjoy the extra filtration of a bagged vacuum cleaner whilst gaining the cost savings of a reusable bag. Your Hoover CH30000 comes with a cleverly designed reusable cloth bag. This bag can be re-used multiple times and even washed for extra freshness – saving you in ongoing costs. Although not a true HEPA filtration, the design of this bag does allow for excellent filtration leaving your air clean and fresh.

Don’t spare the horses

Carve a cleaning path through dirt and dust with the remarkable power of 2.2 horses. Yes – this pint-sized champion using a lightweight 120 Volt, 7.4 Amp motor can produce a startling 2.2 Peak Horse Power. Providing you with great suction for even the most difficult cleaning jobs.

Use this excellent suction to clean your house, your office or even your car. Being designed for commercial use means this cleaner will certainly put in long hours and is happy to vacuum up sawdust, dirt, pet-hair or nearly any substance.

Blown Away

Discover the advantages of being able to also use your vacuum as a blower. The Hoover CH30000 provides a built-in blower which can prove very useful for a number of cleaning and other tasks around the home.


To create such a light-weight, portable and maneuverable vacuum, the designers at Hoover did have to make compromises. The 33-foot long power cord does not retract inside the unit so must be coiled separately for storage.

The wonderful range of accessories are not carried onboard the unit and must be stored separately. Its reusable vacuum bag is of medium size, larger than most handheld vacuums but not as large as wheeled larger and heavier vacuum cleaners.

An excellent little helper

If you are looking for the right tool for the job, then you need to look no further than the Hoover CH30000. Built with all the knowledge and finesse gained by many years designing vacuums.

Hoover have surpassed themselves with the development of the CH30000. It is startling to sling such a lightweight unit over your shoulder only to discover it has the power of 2.2 horses. The few compromises that have had to be made to retain the power to weight ratio are well worth it. With multiple accessories, this little work-horse is a real winner.

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