Safest Booster Seat: Best Booster Seats Reviewed

In recent years, car safety has become a much bigger concern. Especially for parents. And, there are many reasons for this.

One of the biggest reasons, however, is the fact that, unfortunately, due to poor car safety, many children die, every single year. In many of these cases, the parents don’t die, although they are injured, their children die, due to a lack of good car safety.

Over the past two decades, or so, more and more companies have dedicated themselves to designing good, safe, high-quality car seats for children. Infant car seats have become very popular, over the years, due to how much better they are today, in comparison to how lacking in quality they were, just a decade or two ago. Along with that, booster seats have also become very popular, too.

In this buying guide, we’re going to be talking all about booster seats more specifically, how you can find the safest booster seat for your child. A booster seat that will last a long time, and ensures that your child is safe and secure, while you are driving.

However, before we dive into that, let’s talk about what a booster seat actually is, what it does, and what the main advantages of owning a booster seat actually are.

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What Is A Booster Seat?

A booster seat is a type of car seat that has been designed for bigger children. Most of the children who use a booster seat are around 4 to 11 years old. These numbers do fluctuate, but those are the general ages.

Unlike an infant car seat, which is designed for a young child, booster seats are designed for children who are bigger, and who need a seat that can better accommodate their size.

The main reason so many parents are purchasing booster seats for their children is the fact that they are safe. Young children grow quickly, and their bodies tend to lack strength and definition. If an accident were to happen, for example, a booster seat can help prevent or reduce some of the damage that might take place, and they do this by “boosting” your child up – hence the name “booster seat”.

Ultimately, the main advantage of owning a booster seat is that it gives your child some extra protection, while also giving you some extra peace of mind, as well.

What Do I Need To Look For And Consider, When Searching For The Safest Booster Seat For My Child?
Here are the main things that you need to look for, and consider when searching for the safest booster seat for your child.

What Type Of Booster Seat?

With booster seats, you have two different types that you can choose from.

The most popular type of booster seat is the “high-back booster seat”. This is a type of booster seat that has back support, as well as head support. In terms of comfort, this is probably the most comfortable option, especially if your child isn’t too tall or big, and has recently grown out of the standard infant car seat, or if you like to go on long road trips, because the head and back support makes it easy for your child to take a nap.

A “backless booster seat” is the second type of booster seat. This is a type of booster seat that consists of the seat, and nothing else. For most children, this will be the last “child seat” they use, before they are ready to ride without one. Some high-back booster seats can be converted into backless booster seats, and vice versa.

What Are The Size Limits Of The Booster Seat?

Every booster seat has its own size limits. When you are searching for the safest booster seat, you must look at what these size limits are, and you absolutely must abide by them. Some parents choose to ignore the size limits, and this is a bad choice because these size limits are critical to both the safety of your child and their comfort.

Make sure you know your child’s weight and height and make sure you know the limits of the booster seat, and whether or not it can accommodate your child before you buy the booster seat.

How Big Is The Booster Seat?

If you have a smaller car, then you’re going to need to find a smaller booster seat. If you have a bigger car, then you can get away with purchasing a bigger booster seat. That’s the general rule that you will end up following, but there is something else you need to consider, as well.

Let’s say you have two cars, but you only want to buy one booster seat, and you don’t mind taking the booster seat from one car to the other, on a regular basis. So, naturally, you’re going to have to make sure that the booster seat can fit into both of those cars, without any issues. But, you are also going to have to make sure that the booster seat isn’t too heavy, which would lead to issues taking the booster seat from car to car.

How Much Does It Cost?

In the end, it comes down to cost. Many booster seats are quite expensive, but, fortunately, there are also a lot of inexpensive booster seats that are just as good as the expensive ones.

As a general rule, you should expect to pay around $100 for a good booster seat. This is a fairly average price, and you can find many good booster seats for this price.

For a really good booster seat – although, this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safer, just a bit more advanced – you might end up paying $200 to $300.


Being able to find the right booster seat for your child is incredibly important. Car safety is extremely important for your child since so many children are injured, or die, every year, due to poor car safety.

By reading this guide, you now know how to find the safest booster seat for your child. You can now use this information to do just that!

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