Safest Car Harness for Dogs: keep your Dog Safe in the Car

If you are the owner of a larger dog, or a dog that, for whatever reason, can’t be put into a crate – or, you don’t like putting your dog in the crate, due to how confining it is – then you are well aware of the importance of a safe car harness that has been designed for dogs. Unfortunately, there really aren’t that many good ones out there. And, the ones that are out there tend not to be well-made, consisting of many different flaws and weaknesses that leave your dog in a rather unsafe and uncomfortable position.

Today, there are actually quite a few safe car harnesses for dogs. There are many more that are simply just bad, in all respects. But, more and more manufacturers have recognized the need for this type of product and responded accordingly.

Unfortunately, there really isn’t that much information about what to look for in a good car harness for dogs. So, it can be a bit of a challenge, finding the best and most safe car harness for your dog.

That’s where this guide comes in. In this guide, you’re going to learn all about how to find the safest car harness for your dog. You’re going to learn about the factors and attributes that comprise a good, safe car harness for your dog, and what, specifically, to look for, and take note of. These features are important, and they affect the entirety of the overall car harness, and your dog’s comfort and wellbeing while wearing it.

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What Should I Look For When Searching For The Safest Car Harness For My Dog?
Here, we’re going to talk about five specific attributes that you need to take note of and search for when looking for the safest car harness for your dog.

Let’s dive right in!

What Type Of Dog Has The Car Harness Been Designed For?

Every dog car harness is designed for a different type of dog. Now, by “type of dog”, we’re not referring to the breed, necessarily, but instead, things like weight and height and size. Although, the breed is definitely a big factor when it comes to those aforementioned elements.

When searching for a safe dog car harness, consider the breed of the dog that you are buying it for. What breed is your dog? Make sure you know this information, and then you can do an online search for dog car harnesses that have been designed, specifically, for your dog’s breed.

Sometimes, though, you don’t know your dog’s breed. This does make things a little more tricky, and this means that you need to know the measurements of your dog.

– Height
– Weight

Things like that. If you know this information, it’s going to be much easier to find a good car harness for your dog, that doesn’t make your dog uncomfortable, or make the experience difficult.

Does It Have Straps That You Can Adjust?

Every car harness should have straps that are adjustable. Some of them don’t, but most car harnesses do, and that is because they are essential features that make wearing the harness a lot more comfortable for your dog, and a lot more pleasant of an experience for you, since your dog won’t be in pain.

While it’s important to purchase a car harness that has been designed to fit your dog, when it comes to the overall measurements and other features, having the ability to adjust the car harness is essential because it allows you to personalize the fitting to your dog, specifically.

One other benefit is that car harnesses that are too tight are really bad if an accident takes place, and they can really hurt your dog.

Is There Any Padding On The Car Harness?

If there’s no padding on the car harness, then it won’t be comfortable for your dog to wear it. Instead, it’ll actually be rather painful and uncomfortable for them, which really isn’t something that you want, and it can make driving unsafe for the dog.

Make sure to purchase a car harness that has some kind of padding on it, so that way your dog is comfortable during the car ride. That is the main reason to purchase a car harness with padding: comfort.

Is It A Dual-Purpose Car Harness?

For some people, they don’t really need a dual-purpose car harness. It’s not a particularly useful purchase since they already own a walking harness that their dog really likes, so there is no need for a dual-purpose one.

However, if you don’t already own a walking harness, or you have a walking harness, but it isn’t very good, then purchasing a dual-purpose car harness is actually a really great decision. Many of these dual-purpose harnesses, while a bit more expensive than the single-purpose harnesses, are well-made, comfortable, and safe. For those reasons, it may be wise to consider purchasing a dual-purpose harness, especially if you don’t already own a good walking harness.

How Much Does It Cost?

Ultimately, it does come down to cost. How much does the car harness you are looking at cost? It can be hard to say just how much your car harness should cost, since it does depend on the size of your dog, as well as the breed, and other factors, as well.

As a general rule, however, you should pay anywhere from $30 to $80, for a good, safe car harness that is comfortable for your dog.

Anything more than that may be worthwhile, depending on how large your dog is. But, anything less should be met with some mild skepticism, at the very least, since they tend to be much more unsafe, due to poor design quality.


Finding the safest car harness for your dog does not have to be a challenge. Instead, it can be an easy and simple process.

By reading this guide, you now know what to look for in a good, high-quality, safe car harness for your dog. Make sure to do your research as much as you can, and to keep the factors mentioned above in mind.

Car Harness for Dogs
Car Harness for Dogs
Car Harness for Dogs
Car Harness for Dogs
Car Harness for Dogs

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