Safest Dog Treats: Are All Dog Treats Safe?

Unfortunately, the answer to the above question is “No”. Not all dog treats are safe. In recent years, it has been shown that many dog treats are actually very unsafe for dogs. Some of them lead to things like salmonella poisoning, among other illnesses.

Many instances have taken place where nasty chemicals and ingredients have entered dog treats. Some of these instances lead to a series of very tragic deaths, due to the dog treats containing these aforementioned nasty chemicals and ingredients. Some of these dog treats are actually part of much larger corporations that, you would think, have a much more secure manufacturing process.

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How Does This Happen?

More often than not, it’s a supply problem. Specifically, suppliers, who are located all across the world, selling ingredients and materials that haven’t been properly analyzed or cleaned up. Unfortunately, due to the complexities of this industry, it is very difficult for businesses – big and small – to know if the supplier they are dealing with is actually delivering ingredients that are healthy and not full of dangerous chemicals.

How Can I Ensure That My Dog Is Eating Safe And Healthy Treats?
While analyzing every brand of dog treat is, more or less, an impossible task, there are a series of “rules” that should be followed, and factors that should always be considered, when you are buying dog treats.

The Dog Treats You Shouldn’t Buy:

There are a couple of dog treat types that you definitely shouldn’t buy. These are unsafe for your dog, and they can lead to various health issues down the road.


Now, perhaps rawhide isn’t considered a treat, conventionally, but many dog owners treat it as one.

Rawhide is very popular, and many dog owners swear by it. For those dogs, it may be just fine. But, at the same time, you must understand that large pieces of rawhide are very hard for dogs – big or small – to digest.

So, if a dog swallows a big piece of rawhide, it can easily lead to various stomach complications.

Along with that, rawhide is sometimes sprayed with chemicals that can be harmful.

If you do buy rawhide, spend the extra money and get the ones that are manufactured by veterinary organizations, and designed specifically for your dog’s health and safety.


Just like rawhide, bones aren’t good for dogs at all, because of just how strong they are. They can easily damage your dog’s teeth.

If your dog swallows a chunk of bone, it can have nasty consequences, as well. Since they are indigestible, it can affect your dog’s gastrointestinal tract.

What To Look For In A Good And Safe Dog Treat?
When buying your dog treats, there are three things you should always look for.

A Short And Clearly Labeled Ingredients List:

Don’t underestimate how important this is. With a short ingredients list, you know that it isn’t overstuffed with ingredients that consist of a series of questionable chemical properties.

More importantly, however, is if the meat is labeled clearly. Instead of saying something like “animal meat”, or something equally vague, it clearly states “fish” or “beef.”

The same goes for all of the ingredients on that list.

A Brand That Has Is Respected And Considered Safe And Healthy

For the best results, you’re going to want to find a brand of dog treat that has been around for at least a few years. They should have many reviews, and they should be well-respected as a high-quality brand of dog treats.

Many people opt to go for the cheapest dog treat, and this is where things become very unsafe. Those brands often go for the cheapest ingredients, which is exactly why they are the cheapest dog treats at the supermarket.

Find a dog treat that is from a well-known and well-respected brand even if it is a bit more expensive than the other choices.

Your Dog Actually Enjoys It And Responds Well To It

After you’ve made your purchase, give your dog the treats. Do so in moderation, of course, but feed them one or two treats per day, and then keep a close eye on them.

Make sure to note any differences in behavior. If there are any differences, there’s a good chance the treat caused them.


Unfortunately, there are many unsafe treats out there. Your best bet is to simply do your research and to make sure that your dog is the same old lovable pup as they were before you gave them the treat. Any big differences are sure to have been caused by the treats.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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