Safest Lip Balm: Are All Lip Balms Safe?

To start off with that initial question, sadly, not all lip balms are safe. In fact, there are quite a few lip balms that are unsafe for your lips, and that can easily lead to various health issues.

In this quick guide, you’re going to learn the kinds of issues that unsafe lip balms can cause. You are also going to learn about what causes those particular issues. Finally, you’ll learn what you need to search for, in order to find the safe lip balms that will work best for you.

Now, let’s begin!

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So, What Kinds Of Problems Can Lip Balms Cause/Lead To?

If you use lip balm frequently, one of the things that you will experience is that your lips become progressively less moist. When this happens, you end up relying more on using the lip balm to moisten up your lips. But, in reality, it’s the lip balm itself that leads to this lack of moisture.

Using certain types of lip balm has been shown to lead to peeling and cracking on your lips. This is, more often than not, due to the dryness that lip balm can easily lead to. And, of course, that’s the exact opposite of what you want. Ideally, the lip balm you are using will moisten your lips.

Sometimes, lip balm can actively cause your lips to hurt. Certain lip balms can irritate your lips and can lead to pain and even small bruises and scars.

Finally, on the more extreme end of the spectrum, some lip balms, if used a significant amount, can actually lead to things like reproductive issues and breast cancer. This is incredibly rare, but it does tie into questions regarding the ingredients that are present in most lip balms.

Which, of course, leads us to the next topic of consideration…

What Kinds Of Ingredients Do You Need To Watch Out For?

Ultimately, there are four ingredients that you need to watch out for because they can lead to the issues mentioned above.


Unfortunately, most lip balms use petroleum. It’s cheap for manufacturers to use petroleum, and most people have no problems buying lip balm that contains large amounts of it.

Now, petroleum is derived from crude oil. The processing of crude oil into petroleum is a rather cumbersome process. From this process, a myriad of things take place, one of which is the development of carcinogens that are often found in petroleum.

Due to these carcinogens, it’s easy for your lips to become damaged, and for the moisture to become less and less present. This is because these carcinogens prevent your lips from breathing.

Salicylic Acid

Recent studies have shown a few things. One of which is that salicylic acid can easily lead to your lips drying out and cracking or peeling. Due to the strength of the acid, and how much of the lip balm you apply on a daily basis, the acid can degrade your lips.

Any Kind Of Scent Or Colored Dye

Scents or colored dyes often come from processing plants that are less than sanitary. As a result of these processes, metals often enter these colored dyes, and these scents. With these metals – aluminum and lead being the two biggest culprits – your lips can become really irritated and damaged. Your lips aren’t meant to be in close contact with these metals, and this can lead to scarring and bruising.

Any Type Of Paraben

There are a couple of main parabens that you need to watch out for because they can lead to some very nasty side-effects.

The parabens to watch out for are propylparaben, butylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben, and isobutylparaben.

Each one of these is designed to imitate, on a chemical level, estrogen. Now, estrogen, in this context, has been shown, time and time again, to lead to things like breast cancer, as well as reproductive issues.

What Do I Look For Instead?

Instead of those ingredients, look for ingredients such as organic butter and natural oils. Natural waxes are another great choice.

The ingredients mentioned above are very unnatural, and as such, they often don’t lead to the greatest response when it comes to your lips, and their reception to these chemicals.


Unfortunately, not all lip balms are safe. But, by knowing which ingredients are unsafe, you are more than able to find the right kind of lip balm. The type of lip balm that works well with your lips and that doesn’t cause any irritation or pain on your part.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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