Sanitaire EON QuietClean Commercial Upright Vacuum Review SC5500A

So the Sanitaire EON is a really tough, well built commercial vacuum, made mostly out of an especially durable plastic but there is also metal where it counts like on the front plate, on the foot pedal latch, and on the removable handle.

Since commercial vacuums are designed to be easier to maintain it includes things like a very easy to remove brushroll, an air path access door for removing debris, and a super long 40’ cord which is independent so it can be easily replaced, or so you can use an even longer extension cord.

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Other features include a full bag / clog indicator light, a brushroll obstruction light, and a 4 level height adjustment

One of my favorite features is the very easy to remove extension wand with handle for getting large messes or for use with the included crevice tool or upholstery tool both of which can be stored on board in the back of the unit.

Its called the EON QuietClean and we tested it at about 76 decibels which is quite a bit lower than most upright vacuums, its not whisper quiet or anything, I mean its still a vacuum cleaner, but it is noticbley quitter than most.

The Sanitaire EON is designed for carpets and it did really well in our tests.
It picked up fine debris and pet hair, as expected, but it also did amazing with larger debris and it did so with minimal height adjustment. In other words it has great clearance without sacrificing agitation.

In our carpet deep clean test where we rub sand into a very thick carpet and weigh the bag before and after, it scored a perfect 100% which is more rare than you might think, and it didn’t bog down on the thick carpet even with its height adjustment set to its lowest setting which again is rare.

The Sanitaire EON comes with a full sized post motor HEPA filter and it passed our filtration test, though I think I did see a faint wisp of the 5 micron for particles at one point, but in any case its way better than the vast majority of vacuum cleaners out there in terms of filtration. You can however upgrade to the Sanitaire EON Allergen for around $100 more which is a completely sealed system with HEPA filtration, in fact it’s the first Commercial vacuum to be certified asthma & allergy friendly® by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. I will also link it in the description as well.

The next few things are not really pros or cons but just kind of neutral.

We tested its suction and airflow both at the hose and at the cleaner head and found that it was just about average in terms of regular vacuum cleaners, maybe even a little below average. But as we have seen, because of its design it really doesn’t need much power to be a well above average carpet cleaner.

It was fairly light for a commercial vacuum at 17 lbs, I say it like that because for a household vacuum that would be a little on the heavy side, but in the commercial vacuum world its about 1 lbs less than main competitors, so yeah its light for a commercial vacuum. I found it to handle pretty good on with minimal forearm strain as it was only about 2 pounds of handle weight.

lets move on to the cons.

The main thing is that the Sanitaire EON is not designed to clean hard floors at all.
It does not have a brush roll shut off switch, which some vacuums can get away with if they have a seal on the bottom but the EON doesn’t have either a seal or a brush shut off switch. The net result is when you try to vacuum hard floors it shoots debris behind the unit. Its pretty bad about this, check out our studio floor after a few hard floor tests. Sanitaire does make a similar vacuum that can do hard floors as well the “Mult-Surface” but this Sanitaire EON QuietClean should not be purchased if you have hard floors. Thankfully many commercial applications are carpet only and in that case, the EON would be a great fit.

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