Shark Ion P50 vs. Dyson V10 – In Depth Comparison Cordless Vacuums

Our two current favorite cordless vacuums are the Dyson V10 Absolute and the Shark Ion P50, We have thoroughly tested each one and compared them to a lot of other popular cordless vacuums out there and this video will go in depth to figure out which one is the best but more importantly which one will work best for your situation.

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These two cordless vacuums are top of the line vacuums in other words the overall build quality for both of these machines far surpasses the run of the mill and cheaper cordless vacuums out there.

One of the ways you can tell a cordless vacuum is premium is its filtration system. Both of these vacuums have HEPA filters but more importantly they are both sealed systems with HEPA filtration meaning they can pass our five micron fog test with no visible fog, which is a very, very rare feat for a cordless vacuums.

Before we talk about performance results and get into all the suction and battery life tests, lets first touch on the main features that distinguish these two vacuums.

The Dyson V10 Absolute comes with 2 different cleaner heads the torque drive head which can clean both hard floors and carpets but is better with carpets and the Soft roller or Fluffy head which can only clean hard floors, but its really good with hard floors. We at Vacuum Wars have been extolling the virtues of soft rollers for hard floor cleaning for a long time, and it’s a good reason to spend the extra money on the Absolute version of the V10 since it’s the only version that includes the soft roller cleaner head.

The Shark Ion P50 uses only one cleaner head with Shark’s patented DuoClean technology. Basically it’s a soft roller and a regular brush roll combined into one cleaner head, so it transitions from carpet to hard floors seamlessly which will come into play later.

On hard floors the Dyson does amazing with its soft roller, picking up just about everything it touches from fine dust to larger debris. With the torque drive head its better than the average cordless vacuum on hard floors but only if you have the adjustable gates wide open on the front.

On hard floors the P50 is almost impossible to beat though, like the Dyson it picks up everything it touches from dust to extra large debris but its better in a couple ways, the first is that it can handle just about any amount of debris without clogging where the Dyson is limited by the somewhat small intake hole and can clog if its overloaded, and Im aware that very few people will encounter a situation where it would be overloaded like in our tests but it is what it is.

The Shark is also better at grabbing difficult to pick up debris, debris that the Dyson soft roller tends to spit out, don’t get me wrong they are both better than 99.9% of all other cordless vacuums for hard floors but in general If I am going to be cleaning hard floors Im going to grab the P50 over the V10.

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