We took the Shark Rotator TruePet NV752 Upright vacuum and put it through about 16 tests and this article will be the results and our review. Let’s jump right into the pros. It’s extremely powerful. We measured its suction at 95 inches of water lift, which is really high. We also measured its air flow at 99 CFM at the hose and 58 CFM at the cleaner head, which puts the NV752 in some pretty good company as far as its raw power.

Shark Rotator TruePet Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum Review (NV752)

This power showed up in a few places, notably its carpet cleaning ability. It scored a perfect 100 in our embedded sand in the carpet deep clean test. And its pick up of fine debris, pet hair, and small to medium debris was nearly perfect, but it was not able to pick up extra-large debris. For that you’ll need to use the very easy to remove wand, which is long enough so you don’t have to bend over to do it which is also a pro.

Another place the power showed up was in the crevice pick up test where it picked up all the debris from both the eighth inch and quarter inch crevices in about three passes which puts it in the top 15% or so of vacuums we’ve tested.

Another pro is its attachment set which is better than just about any other vacuum out there. It comes with an upholstery tool/ dusting brush, a crevice tool/ dusting brush, the motorized pet tool, and the hard floor hero. The motorized pet tool is one of, if not the best, pet tools I’ve used. It does have an independent motor, and in our tests, it was nearly perfect with pick up and far outshines any other suction based tool. Combined with a lift away mode, it may be one of the best ways to vacuum carpeted stairs that I know of.

Shark NV752

Another pro is its filtration. Like most Shark Uprights, it’s a sealed system with HEPA filtration and it passed our smoke test with flying colors. So it’s great for people with allergies or people that just don’t want to breathe in what you’re trying to vacuum up. Another pro is that it’s very feature-rich, with things like LED lights on the floor nozzle and the handle, as well as a suction and brush roll adjust switch so you can easily transition from carpet to hard floors or thick rugs.

It has a very big dust bin which has an open layout which is easier than most to keep clean and it has a longer than average quart at 30 feet. In addition to being a lift away where you can easily detach it from the floor nozzle for various cleaning tasks, it’s also a powered lift away, meaning that the brush roll on the floor nozzle still runs in lift away mode. So you can vacuum under beds or just use it in this mode to make it more light and maneuverable.

But this brings us to our first con. When it is in powered lift away mode, the lack of weight causes the brush roll to kind of grab the carpet and act like a self-propelled vacuum, and though that sounds good, it really isn’t. It’s very tiring on the arm and I would go so far as to say that with carpets, you should only use it in its regular upright mode unless you need to clean under beds or other things for a short time. On hard floors, however, this effect does not exist since the brush is switched off and I actually prefer to use it in its lift away mode on hard floors.

Shark NV752 Upright Vacuum

Speaking of hard floors, while its suction and air flow make it a very effective hard floor vacuum for most tasks, like fine debris, including heavy fine debris, like sand, pet hair, and small debris, its height is limited. So it cannot pick up extra-large debris. But that means said you can use the wand or the really cool hard floor hero tool.

We actually think the hard floor hero is one of the best suction based hard floor tools on the market as it has really large gates for larger debris. I also like that you can use it in lift away mode for a very lightweight experience. And it’s also great for hard floor stair cleaning. So I guess it’s a pro within a con.

Shark Rotator TruePet Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum

This next one is only sort of a con. But during the deep clean test where we used a pretty thick medium pile test carpet, the NV752 bogged down and the brush roll motor stopped several times, just like the Dyson multi-floor 2 did during the same test. But unlike the multi-floor 2, Shark has a suction adjust for just this purpose. And it works fine when that is selected. But I didn’t want to use the thick carpet setting during the deep clean test.

All that to say that the Shark NV752 is great for low and medium pile carpets and even thick carpets. But because it doesn’t have a height adjustment, I wouldn’t suggest it if you have long pile or shag carpets. So in my opinion the Shark NV752 pros far outweigh the cons. It’s crazy powerful. It has one of the best attachment sets on the market, perfect filtration, one of the best carpet deep cleaners out there at any price, and a ton of really useful features, which makes it a very good buy in our opinion.

Shark Rotator TruePet Vacuum