Shark Vacuums – Your Solution to Unwanted Pet Hair

As adorable as your furry friend might be, they do come with their own set of problems! You may be tired of spending countless hours trying to keep your home clean. The good news is that with the right Shark vacuum at your fingertips, your home will soon be free of pet hair, not to mention spotless.

Shark offers a wide range of tried-and-true pet vacuums suitable for any pet owner. With so many options to choose from, we understand that picking the right vacuum can be tricky. Fortunately, we have done the hard work for you. So keep reading.

It is no secret that Shark is an established market leader when it comes to vacuums. Their extensive market research and robust consumer testing mean they understand their consumers’ needs. As a pet owner looking for a vacuum solution, you have come to the right place.
We have rounded up four of the best Shark vacuums as praised by our research team. Each model is ideally suited to cleaning up pet hair and will solve your pet hair problems.

Why Nothing Beats a Shark
The Shark Group ticks all the boxes when it comes to technology and innovation. The Shark brand is a top performer, well-known for its commitment to creating “5-star rated” consumer products. Shark has become a welcome brand in many households due to its strategic focus on innovation, cutting edge technology, and an affordable price range. The vacuum industry is a competitive one, but it seems that Shark has fast become a brand with a solid reputation four years on.

So why should you trust a Shark? It’s a good question that deserves a response. Along with its lasting impression on consumers, Shark has a track record that speaks for itself. As much as we think Shark is deserving of its reputation, other brands must not be left out of the picture. We have compiled a list of points below to provide you with all the information you need to ensure you choose a unique vacuum brand that gets rid of your pet hair.

Choose Shark:
It’s Budget Friendly
Shark understands your pain. Wasting time cleaning up pet hair is bad enough without having to spend precious money on an overpriced vacuum. Shark is ahead of the curve when it comes to affordability. Its products are well-priced and deliver exceptional technology, which most other brands don’t do. Consumers are on the lookout for affordability and added value, vital facts that Shark understands. It stands to reason why Shark is the brand of choice. Why suffer with an inefficient vacuum at the expense of the earth? Shark has you covered with its range of vacuums perfectly suited to your budget.

Added Benefits
There are countless options available to customers when it comes to vacuums. Shark has created a product range that is superior and is good value for the money. When it comes to pet owners, Shark understands that a variety of benefits is an absolute necessity. The Shark vacuum delivers as promised, with easy-to-use additional features that are modern, versatile, and efficient.
Shark has managed to secure the position of leader of the pack. They clearly understand what their customers want and deserve when it comes to added benefits. This is evident from the number of satisfied pet owners enjoying the excellent ad-on their Shark vacuum provides.
Any product that is versatile and offers a variety of optional extras is sure to draw a crowd. With a Shark vacuum at your disposal, you are guaranteed to have a lot more time on your hands. As a pet owner, you will soon be spending more time with your furry friend and less time cleaning!

Diverse range
Shark is way ahead of its competitors when it comes to diversity. It is clear from the variety of vacuums available in their product range that they have considered everyone! With its “always-on” philosophy, it is clear that consumers are at the heart of every vacuum. Pet owners have unique needs and expectations. With this in mind, Shark has delivered unique products that provide pet owners with a different choice of model to suit any requirement.
People come in all shapes and sizes, as do Shark vacuums. We can guarantee that you will find the perfect model to help clean away even the most stubborn pet hair. Variety is the spice of life, and Shark has got you covered with its fabulous range of vacuums.

Delighted Customers
What could make you happier than a spotless home serviced by a powerful Shark vacuum? Shark’s reputation speaks for itself and is backed by millions of satisfied customers.
Customer satisfaction is key to a successful product, and Shark has provided just that. Shark vacuum cleaners rank high on the lists of online customer satisfaction surveys in the USA. With its easy-to-use features, stylish appearance, unrivalled performance, and competitive price, it is easy to see why customers are delighted with their Shark vacuums.
Shark has kept its promise to its customers by providing an innovative, groundbreaking vacuum range. It is not hard to understand why Shark is at the top of its game!

The Shark Vacuum Range
Shark’s range of vacuums is unrivalled when matched against its competitors. With their reliable performance and durability, any pet owner will be more than satisfied when considering the range of vacuums to pick from.
Four impressive models compete for the top spot in the range of Shark vacuums, each with its unique features. As a pet owner, be sure to think about those essential features available to you at a competitive price in your quest for a pet hair-free home.

Shark Upright Vacuums
The Shark Upright Vacuum range is for you if powerful deep cleaning and suction are what you are after. Perfect for cleaning up the most stubborn of pet hair and boasting anti-allergen properties, this vacuum will have you smiling in no time.
The Shark Upright Vacuum is a top choice for pet owners despite its old-fashioned upright design. These vacuums are no longer rigid and inflexible thanks to improvements in technology. This sturdy model is highly efficient at cleaning up pet hair and gets our vote as far as Shark vacuums go.

Upright vacuums are durable, reliable, and popular in many homes. The Shark Upright Vacuum is a cheaper alternative to the modern-day stick vacuum and, as a bonus, requires no assembly. Having the option to stand and vacuum proves useful to pet owners who suffer from back ailments. If it’s simplicity you are after, the Shark Upright Vacuum, with its modern-day improvements and an assortment of attachments, is an excellent option for you.

They are cost-effective
Great at deep cleaning pet hair
Easy to store
Good for overall posture

They tend to be bulky and heavy
Best used on carpets and not hard floors

Shark Cordless Vacuums
Shark cordless vacuums offer a unique variety of valuable attachments, making them a popular choice of vacuum. This multipurpose vacuum cleaner is a must for pet owners. Their lightweight design, powerful suction, and flexibility have helped these vacuum cleaners become an essential tool in many homes. With their quick-charge technology and handy accessories, it is no wonder these Shark models have become so popular.

The Shark Cordless Vacuum offers pet owners the freedom and convenience of cord-free cleaning. No more tripping over cords or trying to reach pet hair stuck in unusual places. With this practical design, pet owners can enjoy their cleaning experience.

Powerful suction for cleaning up hair
Quick-charge technology
Flexible and lightweight
Converts to a handheld vacuum

Tends to be pricey
Limited lifespan

Shark Corded Stick Vacuums
Like its cordless counterpart, this durable Shark vacuum is an excellent option for solving your pet hair woes. With its powerful suction and ability to easily switch between carpet and hard floors at the press of a button, it is a popular alternative to the traditional upright vacuum.

If lightweight cleaning is what you are after, the Shark Corded Stick Vacuum meets the brief. Easy on your pocket and convenient to use, this model is perfect for pet owners. Cords are not necessarily a bad thing, as this vacuum showcases. This vacuum makes quick work of pet hair with its powerful suction and added maneuverability, perfect for those hard-to-reach places in your home.

Powerful suction
Easy to maneuver
Versatile and compact storage

The cord can get in the way
Limited space compartment

Robot Vacuums
Shark robot vacuums are all the rage as far as vacuums go. Most customers are looking to work smarter, not harder. What better choice than a robot vacuum? Vacuuming could not be more manageable when it’s done for you.

With its powerful suction and ability to clean up after itself when it’s done, the Shark Robot Vacuum meets your every need. Shark has gone all out with this vacuum! Its innovative design and navigation intelligence enables this vacuum to quietly search for debris and pet hair in every inch of your home.

A robot vacuum will give you plenty of spare time to cuddle your pet while it does the hard work for you.

Efficient and effective
Quiet operation
Navigation capabilities

Expensive to buy
They only operate on smooth surfaces
They miss spots

What Shark Doesn’t Tell You
Unfortunately, every brand has its weak points, and Shark is no different. Although we do love Shark, there are a few things we have found which you should consider before deciding on your choice of vacuum:

Limited Cleaning Capacity
Shark vacuums, unfortunately, do not always match up to competitors when it comes to capacity. Storage space is vital, especially when it comes to getting rid of pet hair. In fairness, the Shark range of vacuums does include a suitable size storage container in their models. If you have a fair amount of pet hair on your hands, you may need to do a couple of rounds of cleaning before the job is complete.
Ongoing Maintenance
If you are a pet owner who has the pleasure of cleaning up pet hair every day, you may find that your Shark vacuum requires daily maintenance. This essentially means emptying the storage container more frequently due to its storage capacity constraints.

Inferior Quality
Quality is critical to the design of any product. This applies to the materials used in manufacturing. High-quality materials certainly result in a product that stands the test of time. Shark vacuums slip down the ladder slightly in comparison to their competitors. The materials used are somewhat inferior, which means that you may need to replace parts more frequently.

Our Top Choice of Shark Vacuum for Pet Hair 2021
Our experienced research team has voted for their top choice of Shark vacuum for 2021. The results are based on cleaning performance, ease of use, ability to clean pet hair, and affordability. We have scoured readers’ reviews and feedback to find our favorite vacuum cleaner, which we have covered in detail below:

Shark NV752 TruePet Powered Vacuum
The Shark NV752 TruePet Powered Vacuum is our clear winner and firm favorite in the Shark vacuum range. With its electronically powered motor, powerful suction, and detachable canister, it strides ahead of other Shark contenders. Not to mention it is tailored to your pet!
Shark has covered all its bases by including an innovative Powered Lift-Away Canister in the new Shark NV752 TruePet design. It is well-known that most upright vacuums tend to be heavy, but Shark has thought of everything. With the new Lift-Away Canister, the vacuum is easy to maneuver without impacting the brush roll.
An added feature of this vacuum is that you can easily control its power at the touch of a button. The buttons are well positioned, enabling you to switch between hard floor and carpet floor modes quickly.
As pet owners know, it is always a struggle cleaning pet hair from different surfaces, as most machines are not multipurpose. The TruePet Vacuum comes complete with a motorized brush and multi-tool, which means your pet hair problems are a thing of the past. With its unique capabilities, the TruePet vacuum can quickly and easily remove any type of pet hair from any surface, including hard floor surfaces.
Allergens are nobody’s friend, especially when it comes to pet hair. Shark has outperformed itself with its Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filter. This unique combination of technology means that all allergens are trapped and safely removed with no impact on you as a pet owner. Clean air and floors are on their way to you with this spectacular machine.
We all love a toy that lights up, and fortunately, Shark has thought of everything. The TruePet Vacuum is fitted with LED lights that allow you to see into the smallest and darkest of spaces. It doesn’t end here, though. Shark has also included a dynamic Swivel Steering system for ease of access to any tricky corner.

Reasons to Buy This Vacuum:
No more battling to clean those hard-to-reach places. The Shark vacuum has a tremendous detachable canister, which means every ounce of pet hair will be ancient history.

Unique Swivel Steering
The Shark vacuum can easily maneuver into any corner with its unique Swivel Steering system. This Swivel Steering means that your home will receive all the attention it needs without missing any pet hair hiding spots.

No More Sniffles
As a pet owner, there is nothing worse than red, itchy eyes and a stuffy nose. Shark has created a vacuum solution fitted with anti-allergen technology and a HEPA filter combination. Your allergies will be forgotten with this great vacuum.

Things to Remember:
Weight is Considerable
Some pet owners may find this vacuum to be slightly heavier than anticipated. However, when comparing this vacuum’s reputation for outstanding performance and strong suction power that’s perfect for pet hair, you may overlook this point.

Can Be Complicated
This model is a leader as far as vacuum machines go. Still, you may find that the positioning of attachments and control buttons deserves a little more thought by Shark.

Pet Hair is a Thing of the Past
Shark vacuums boast a spectacular range of powerful vacuums that are loved by customers worldwide.
It is no surprise that they are a market leader in their field. As everyone knows, no product is without its flaws, and Shark understands that. The customer is number one, and your feedback is vital to Shark’s continuous drive for improvement and customer satisfaction.

Deciding on the perfect vacuum to solve your pet hair problems can be overwhelming. Are you joining the hundreds of happy clients who have chosen Shark as their brand of choice? If you are, congratulations on selecting a leading brand! Your pet hair problems will soon be gone as your Shark vacuum does all the hard work for you.

Do you have any Shark favorites? Why are you considering buying one? Your thoughts, comments, and questions are always welcome, so post them below.

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