Steam Mop vs. Traditional Mop

Have you begun to wonder if a steam mop is better than a traditional mop?

The steam mop vs a traditional mop has been a popular topic of debate lately. Both are perfectly capable of cleaning your floors but which of the two is best for your home?

Traditional mops are perfect for cleaning up spills and accidents while steam mops can sanitize the floor. Let’s investigate both and see which comes out on top.

We have invested hours into the research of both to evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. We also analyzed customer feedback on the mops across various products and related this to our own experience with them.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each:

1. Steam Mop
This is an easy-to-use mop. You simply swish it over the floor, and it can clean it wonderfully. The steam mop boils water up to 245 degrees Fahrenheit and then releases the vapor onto the head of the mop.

They’re traditionally used by cleaning companies for taking care of deep sanitization. They are often seen in facilities such as hospitals or other healthcare buildings. They have recently become more popular in family homes.

Why Do We Love It?
The Best for Tough Dirt and Mold
The hot water vapor can loosen grime, where it is then absorbed into the head of the mop. They are also effective against mold and lower the chances of mold forming as they dry quickly.

Some models such as the ones from Shark Company have different cleaning settings. They allow users to customize the cleaning intensity, which allows for a quick or deep clean.

Kid and Pet Safe
Family homes with a lot of people or pets need to be cleaned frequently. The steam mop only relies on steam so there’s no need to use toxic chemicals. Children and pets can walk around the home without the worry of harmful chemicals.

Kills Harmful Germs
Did you know that salmonella can survive on your floors for up to four weeks? If you are a particular fan of chickens, it is important to take note of this. Steam naturally sanitizes surfaces upon contact. This means that it is great for keeping your family healthy and also helps to keep allergies at bay.

Scientific studies have found that steam is an effective killer of MRSA and VRE. They are eliminated with just 5 seconds of contact. This is a little bit of effort to combat harmful pathogens over time.

Less Effort While Scrubbing
Steam mops are quick and almost effortless during use although some prep work is needed.

All that needs to be done is to fill the water tank and connect the mop to a power outlet. Some models are cordless and can operate normally provided that they have a full charge.

All you need to do is glide it around and let the steam do all the hard work for you. One-handed cleaning is also an option.

Requires Batteries or Electricity
Steam mops require either electricity or batteries for them to release steam consistently. If the mop has a cord you would need to be always within the vicinity of power outlets. This might become an issue if you are cleaning outdoors or if there is a large area to cover.

While a steam mop is ideal for maneuvering around furniture and other household objects, be mindful that the power cord could get tangled around objects in the room.

If you have a mop that uses battery power, there are other issues to consider. First off, you need to always have the correct batteries on hand and the mop should always be charged before you begin cleaning.

More Expensive
If you have a tight budget, then a steam mop might be a difficult purchase as they cost more than traditional mops.

You can expect a price range of 50 dollars up to 150 dollars if you want a high-end model with more functions.

Steam mops tend to weigh between six to ten pounds before the water has been added to the tank. They are significantly heavier compared to traditional mops, which weigh about three pounds.

Those with larger homes and multiple floors would have to be prepared for a bit of extra carrying work.

2. Traditional Mop
This model is a lot more versatile now than it used to be in the past, it now comes in varying shapes and sizes.

It does not require electricity or batteries to operate, nor does it come with an operating manual. You simply fill the bucket with a cleaning solution and begin cleaning.

Why Do We Love This?

Catches Dust and Bacteria
Our favorite is the models with microfiber heads as these can reduce bacteria by up to 99% and can capture dust through static electricity charge.

Because the microfibers trap dirt that is on your floor, it may also work better on debris and crumbs.

Floor Safe
You can choose between an easy quick dry clean or you can go for a deeper clean with a damp mop. This gives you a chance to pick the correct type of cleaning that suits your house.

You can use a traditional mop on any flooring except on carpets. A steam mop, however, can’t be used on unsealed hardwood floors. You can even dry mop the floors to pick up dirt.

When the mop is dry, it can be used on tiles, laminated flooring, vinyl, and various other surfaces.

Quick Clean-up
A traditional mop that has a microfiber head is very absorbent. It can hold seven times its weight in water. This is great for cleaning accidental spills throughout the home.

A traditional mop is the right choice if you are on a budget. They’re budget-friendly and can have a price range of 16 dollars to 45 dollars. The price is dependent on the brand.

Physical Energy
Traditional mops require more energy to operate than steam mops. Sometimes, you need to scrub at tough grime and dirt stains, which could lead to back pain. This often happens when people don’t stand up straight while cleaning.

The mop head also needs to be wrung dry. This may not sound like a lot, but steam mops don’t have this requirement.

Toxic Chemicals
Most cleaning solutions and detergents contain ingredients that could be harmful to your health. Some of these are pine oil parabens and d-limonene.

Using these solutions could harm your pets or young children.

Who Wins the Mop Battle?
Ultimately, it is going to be your choice on who wins in this battle.

If you prefer a mop that cleans safely and sanitizes the floors, then a steam mop might be for you. It can also combat stubborn dirt or stains.

If you are looking for an affordable buy that gets rid of debris and dust and works on all flooring types, then the traditional mop is the best option for you.

Do you believe there is a clear winner between the two types of mops? Head over to the comments and let us know!

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