Tineco A10 Hero/Master vs. Tineco A11 Hero/Master: Stick Vacuums

Vacuum Cleaning technology has come a long way since it’s invention and commercialization in the 1950s, and the latest fad is the wonderful cordless vacuum cleaner. These devices are a blend of the power and portability of handheld vacuums while offering the extensions, reach, and maneuverability of larger, plug-and-play models. There are a few quality players in this space, but overall they have proven very popular for homeowners of all types.

Tineco A10 Hero

One of the newest brands is called Tineco, and while they are newcomers to the cordless vacuum space, they know their stuff when it comes to quality vacuum technology, quality consumer goods, and making products that are easy to use. Other leading brands that have been dominating the market in recent years are going to get a serious run for their money with Tineco brand products on the market.

In this article we are going to compare the four models currently offered by Tineco, two each from the A10 and A11 lines: the A10 Hero, A10 Master, A11 Hero, and A11 Master. With these vacuum cleaners, Tineco has made a strong entrance into the cordless market and the manual vacuum cleaner market overall. We’ll discuss what distinguishes the lines from each other, how they compare to the market overall, and why Tineco will be worth watching.

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From Robots to HandHelds

Tineco is a new brand, but their parent company, Ecovacs, is definitely not. Ecovacs was founded in 1998 in China, and since their creation has been one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of robotic appliances throughout the country.

Their primary focus has always been in cleaning robots for a variety of purposes from floors and windows. They have a reputation for designing attractive, functional products at low cost resulting in lower prices for the general consumer.

They also have a reputation for being on the leading edge of technology development. That includes making big leaps in innovations, as well as micro-developments that add real value to existing products.

Overall, this means Tineco is a company to watch in the consumer space, especially when it comes to cleaning products like vacuum cleaners. They know what they are doing, they know how to do it at a reasonable cost, and they are always looking for ways to improve.

Why You Should Consider a Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Most people expect to buy a vacuum and have a somewhat bulky appliance that you have to plug in. This type of vacuum is still the most common type, even though they are typically more expensive, harder to store and clean.

People also tend to think they are harder to work with to clean the whole apartment, such as under furniture, close to ceilings, or even curtains and blinds.

Tineco A10 Master

As we have shifted more to wireless technology with other devices, vacuum cleaners are starting to make the transition as well. Once batteries got strong enough and the technology around creating a strong suction force became easier to control, it was possible to design handheld vacuum cleaners that could handle almost any cleaning job out there.

They aren’t yet perfect, however, and the biggest limitation for these devices is the battery life. As with vacuums, batteries have come a long way, but there are still limitations on how much power you can generate from a battery that is small and light enough that you can carry it comfortably. Furthermore, generating the kind of power necessary to create a strong suction force can drain a battery fairly quickly.

Therefore, at the moment, cordless vacuums are best for smaller locations, such as apartments or smaller houses. Any place that you believe you could comfortably clean with an hour or less. They are also excellent for handling smaller but more intense jobs. When you activate their higher power setting, even though it cuts the running time in half, it can handle just about anything in that time. So unless you have a huge intense mess to clean up every day, cordless vacuums could work for you.

Tineco A11 Hero

The Good and The Bad Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

There are a few things, in general, to consider when purchasing a cordless vacuum cleaner. Noise level, battery life, ease of cleaning, and weight of the device are the primary issues. If those look good, you should also consider the maneuverability of the vacuum and the overall design quality. If the vacuum does decently in these areas, then you should have a good basic cordless vacuum cleaner.

Problems in any one of these areas can make the product a headache. Lower battery life can mean surprise cleaning interruptions. The same goes for if it’s hard to steer – no one wants to be struggling to navigate an appliance!

The A10 Hero and A10 Master Hit All the Right Points

Tineco has done an excellent job with designing the A10 Hero and A10 Master. Their grasp of what makes a good cleaning product is clearly reflected in the design and technology implemented here. Even more, beyond demonstrating their ability to design quality products, they have created a new entry into this market that challenges the dominance of existing brands.

With the A10 Hero, you get a portable vacuum cleaner with the excellent body weight of only 2.87 pounds, easy for anyone to raise overhead or clean rooms and furniture for up to 40 minutes with no problems. Each Hero comes with a wide range of attachments that makes it a versatile cleaning appliance. Whether you are cleaning pet hair off the upholstery or spiderwebs out of the corner, the A10 Hero has you covered.

Tineco A11 Hero Stick Vacuum

Standard with every A10 Hero you have a suction power that meets or exceeds the suction power of other cordless models on the market, a detachable battery for easy charging, and the option for a second battery free of charge.

This makes it that much easier to clean your living space by doubling the available cleaning time. The dust bin dumps straight into your trash can with the push of a button, and the HEPA filter in the handle filters outgoing air down to .3 microns, ensuring no dirty air is being blown around your apartment.

The two biggest innovations Tineco offers here are subtle but surprisingly useful. On the head of the vacuum, there are LED lights that illuminate your floor. Many users have been surprised at how helpful this has been at highlighting dust and dirt that would otherwise go ignored.

Additionally, Tineco has added a switch to the power trigger that allows you to lock it into the “On” position. Other brands of cordless vacuum require you to press this switch to use the vacuum constantly, so this is a great idea.

With the A10 Master, you have all of the excellent offerings with the A10 Hero, as well as two more welcome adjustments. One, the A10 Master comes standard with a second battery, as well as the ability to charge both of them at the same time. This is in contrast to the single charger that comes with the A10 Hero.

Two, the A10 Master actually has a second brush option for the head of the vacuum. Each brush is excellent on just about every surface, but if you want a brush that is designed for a hard floor and a brush that is designed for carpet, then the A10 Master is for you.

Tineco A11 Master

A11 Hero and A11 Master: A Step Forward for Tineco

With the A11 line, Tineco has maintained everything that made the A10 line great, while adding some excellent new features. A11 models have a dust bin that is 50% larger than the A10 dustbin, which is great if you like to clean a little more or have a slightly larger space. This is complemented by the A11 battery which lasts about 5-10 minutes longer than the A10 battery.

Furthermore, the A11 line actually has an engine that is slightly more powerful than the A10 line. While the A10 has plenty of suction power, if you are looking for that extra bit of power for harder cleaning jobs, then the A11 models will serve you well.

As with the A10 line, the main differentiator between the A11 Hero and the A11 Master is the extra cleaning brush for the vacuum head. The A11 Master has the same two brushes that the A10 Master does. Having that option, along with all the other improvements of the other models from Tineco, make the A11 Master easily one of the best cordless vacuums on the market.

Tineco Cordless Vacuums Will All Serve You Well

As you can see, despite being new, Tineco is already doing great work in the cordless vacuum market. With four great products already available, the only questions you need to be asking yourself are what specific needs might best be addressed by which model?

If you need that extra bit of cleaning power, the A11 line will be your best choice, and if you want to know you have exactly the right brush for the job, then either the A10 or A11 Master are great choices.

The biggest issue to consider is really the price. Tineco continues to excel at being a provider of quality goods at reasonable prices: As you move along the Tineco product line, the price does increase. However, as this article has shown, there is a measurable increase in quality with every dollar.

Whatever you choose, a Tineco Cordless vacuum can take care of you and your living space. With a two-year worry-free warranty and excellent design all around, you won’t regret purchasing any one of these vacuum cleaners.

Tineco A10 Hero Stick Vacuum

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