Tineco A11 Master Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

With over 20 years of cutting edge innovation and design, Ecovacs/Tineco has unleashed the A11 Master Cordless Vacuum, and it’s cleaning up the competition. After the success of its predecessors, Tineco has pulled all the stops making the A11 Master its pièce de résistance and critics agree that it handles itself beyond well. Successfully executing a seamless marriage between style and performance, the Tineco A11 Master not only looks like the future, but it also brings it to your home in a tiny package that is fitting for any living situation.

Tineco A11 Master Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review


The A11 Master owes a large part of its versatility to its two batteries, each allowing 60 minutes of runtime per charge, both of which can be plugged into the dual charging doc independently or simultaneously. Thanks to this capability and its light weight, the A11 Master is a handheld that can be used to vacuum more than just a home, making it a perfect tool for detailing vehicles.

When it comes to function, the A11 Master comes equipped with two full-size brushes powered by 120 watts of suction. Everything the vacuum picks up finds its way into a four-stage fully sealed filtration system. Its six-liter dustbin is simple to remove for disposal and is also see-through, so you know when it’s time to unload, which is literally as convenient as pressing a button. The A11 Master’s two filters are also easy to maintain since one focuses on removing dirt as the other concentrates mainly on hair.

All these features may cause you to envision some large, clumsy machine, but the A11 Master is quite compact and is visually appealing, its see-through body highlighted by smooth teal finishes. LED lights not only help you see as you work but also give the A11 Master a little extra flair.

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Though most commercial vacuums available on the market come with add-ons for specific jobs, the A11 Master has them all while permitting storage on its small docking station. A soft dusting brush, long crevice nozzle, flexible extension hose, and multi-angle tube all fit into their own spot on the charger which takes up less than one square foot.

A particular piece that stands out is the LED soft roller which is probably the most important tool. This is where the vacuum’s engine meets the second brush bringing the A11 Master to its full potential.

Tineco A11 Master Stick Vacuum


Being placed by reviewers in the same arena as big names like Dyson, Tineco’s A series (which includes the A10 Hero, A10 Master, and A11 Hero) has carved a personal niche into the portable cordless vacuum department. Elegance and utility come together with the A11 Master in a way that outshines most of its rivals and still remains friendly to your wallet. Without debate, the Tineco A11 Master stick vacuum is decisively better than any cordless vacuum in this price range.


Though not many, the A11’s faults seem to be somewhat universal when it comes to most appliances. Operating on two dual lithium-ion batteries, this type of power system has come under scrutiny because of the harm created by its mining and recycling process. Environmentally conscious consumers will be put off by this detail.

One more drawback is that, given all the Tineco A11 Master’s advantages, it’s still not a Dyson. Though agile in most respects, the A11 Master’s maneuverability and the engine just come in second when placed side by side with the leader in the industry.

Tineco A11 Master Review


This is where the A11 Master beats contenders and takes the prize home. Unlike Dyson, Tineco has succeeded in creating a vacuum that excels in operation while coming at a much more economical price. But don’t let its affordability confuse you, the Tineco A11 Master is capable of carrying out every task one expects to a greater degree than most rivals.

Coming at under $400, you can expect quality and convenience with neither sacrificed for effectiveness.

Does it Work for You?

An excellent choice for those living in smaller quarters, the A11 Master can fit in a closet or any corner of your home occupying minimal space and still manage to sanitize your abode. Its sleek aesthetics and performance capacity have pulled it to the forefront of the cordless hand-held vacuum market and these facts only help cement the A11 Master’s position as a leader in the industry, a point emphasized by its welcoming cost.

The Tineco A11 Master is undoubtedly a stick vacuum cleaner at the top of its class. As a personal investment in your home’s hygiene, you can’t get much better than this.

Tineco A11 Master

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