Tineco A11 Master vs. Hero

So the first thing I noticed while unboxing the A11 Master is that there are a lot of attachments, like more attachments that I have ever seen with any kind of vacuum ever.

In addition to the 3 interchangeable heads like the standard cleaner head, the soft roller head and the mini motorized tool which we will talk more about later, there was a crevice tool, an upholstery tool slash dusting brush, a really long flexible crevice tool for under appliance cleaning, a soft dusting brush, an extension hose, a flexible multi angle tube, as well as something I have never seen before which is a tool that you can clean the filters with without having to rinse them.

I know Tineco has a ton of patents but im not sure if this is one of them or not, either way it’s a pretty cool idea. There was also a charging base where you can charge both batteries at the same time as well as keep at least your favorite tools and cleaner heads stored for easy access.

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So lets move on to the performance results.
On hard floors it was absolutely amazing, I will talk more about the differences between the A11 Hero and A11 Master packages at the end of the video but the main difference is that the A11 Master includes a soft roller cleaner head which I honestly think is the future of hard floor cleaning. It picks up everything it touches from ultra fine dust to extra large debris. The tool itself seems built well and its really a must have if you have a lot of hard floors to clean.

The regular cleaner head can clean hard floors as well, in fact I like to use the regular one if I know Im going to be transitioning a lot from hard floors to carpet in the same job, the main limitation of the regular head is that it struggles with larger debris on hard floors.

On carpet however the regular head has no trouble with larger debris and in fact does better than most upright vacuums. We also tested its deep cleaning ability where we take exactly 100 grams of sand and embed it in medium pile carpet and weigh the dust bin before and after. The A11 scored an amazing 94% which is better than the Dyson V8 and the Shark F80 and P50.

So in terms of pure floor cleaning ability the Tineco A11 is amazing good, like better than just about anything on the market good.

Another area where the Tineco excels is with battery life, keep in mind that both the A11 Hero and A11 Master come with 2 interchangeable batteries. Also keep in mind that battery life numbers change depending on what power setting and what attachments you are using. For example we tested it on low power with a suction only attachment and got 32 minutes per battery so, that would be 64 minutes total runtime. Which is better than the Dyson V10 and just about every other cordless vacuum on the market, its also really good when you consider that the low power on the A11 is actually more powerful than most of its competitors at 27 cfm of airflow.

On high power it got 12:37 which absolutely creamed the Dyson V8 and V10 and that’s just with one battery, obviously you can double that number since you will have an extra battery so that’s 25:14 seconds of high power cleaning time.

The A11 also has premium power. We tested is suction and airflow both at the cleaner head and at the base on low and high power and got these results. Basically is very much above average, There are some cordless vacuums like the Dyson’s that have more airflow on high power but as we have seen that extra airflow comes with a cost of a very short battery life on high power and I saw no major difference in the performance to justify it.

On the crevice pickup test where other cordless vacuums tend to struggle a bit the A11 picked up the debris in both crevice sizes in basically one back and forth pass with both types of cleaner heads, which is extremely rare and extremely good.

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