What Are the Best Roomba Alternatives?

Have you always wanted a Roomba, but could never afford one? Have you been trying to find one that won’t cost you a fortune? Look no further!

Anyone who’s a cleaning fanatic, like us, is sure to get excited by this cool, sophisticated machine and won’t be able to imagine life without one. They do come at a price, though!

That doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to go without one. These machines have revolutionized vacuuming with their effortless cleaning and convenience. Thankfully you don’t need to go without all your favorite treats just to be able to buy one, and we are here to give you all the information you need to afford one of these fabulous machines for your home.

Why do you need to have a robot vacuum cleaner?

Roomba first exploded onto the scene in a time before we had all heard of smart technology and we were all immediately smitten. People fell in love with this technology of the future, although some were even a little scared of it. Who wouldn’t be captivated by the idea of vacuum cleaning without actually having to operate the cleaner by hand?

The Roomba was manufactured by iRobot, but they were not the inventors. The robot vacuum was actually invented by Electrolux and marketed a whole year before the Roomba appeared.

So why is it that everyone knows the name ‘Roomba?’ Was it just a result of hype and good advertising? If you want our opinion, the answer is no. Roombas are great and their functionality just can’t be beat.

Let’s forget all about the Roomba for a moment, and focus on robot vacuum cleaners in general. You need to get to know how these machines function and what they can do so that you don’t buy one just because of its brand name.

Effortless cleaning

Cleaning is just about the most tedious chore there is, so it’s no wonder that the thought of a robot vacuum that does all of the hard work for you is so appealing. No more straining and sweating to clean your floors. They even work when you’re not there!

These machines are so amazing, it’s almost unbelievable. Most models can be scheduled to start automatically without you having to do anything at all. Just imagine, your cleaning gets done without you having to even think about.

There are even some models that can assess how dirty the floor is and decide how vigorously to clean it. All you need to do is set up the machine and keep it maintained. Everything else is done for you.

Easy maintenance

Robot vacuums are truly amazing, but they do still need maintenance. However, this is much easier than with traditional cleaners.

These machines are built to be long-lasting as they are not maneuvered by human hand and will probably take a few knocks and bumps along the way. This means that, overall, the quality is much better and they are less likely to fail, break or burn out. They can be emptied far more easily than traditional vacuum cleaners, too.

The functions on these cleaners are mostly automatic, which means that you won’t need to waste time playing around with attachments and settings. There’s always the possibility that you might have to rescue your cleaner from a corner every now and again, but that’s certainly better than having to use it manually all the time.

Good for your pets

There are many pets that are frightened by the deafening sound made by most traditional vacuum cleaners. Robot vacuum cleaners are much quieter, some don’t even make any noise at all, making them much easier for your pets to cope with.

This works for humans as well. There are times when we all need some peace, maybe because someone is working, studying or getting some rest, so the robot vacuum won’t disturb anyone.

More eco-friendly

Most models are self-charging, which is great as this means that they don’t need to be plugged in to be used and you don’t have to be constantly thinking about replacing batteries. Of course, this means that you are saving energy, as well as money.

Having said that, some models do still contain disposable bags. Disposable bags go against the eco-friendly side of things, but they tend to be bigger and don’t need to be replaced quite as often as the ones for ordinary vacuum cleaners. Overall, they are still an improvement in terms of being environmentally friendly.

Better for your health and more accessible

How many times have you finished the vacuuming and found yourself with back strain? It’s a really common problem with traditional cleaners and, the more cleaning you do, the more you will hurt your back. With a robot vacuum you don’t have to operate the machine yourself, so there’s no problem for your back.

Don’t forget that there are many people who are unable to clean in the conventional way due to injury, sickness or disability. The robot vacuum is absolutely perfect for people in these circumstances. They are also good for anybody who suffers from allergies, as many models contain HEPA filters.

Easy storage

No more awkward lifting and annoying dismantling just to get your heavy vacuum cleaner in and out of the closet every time you want to clean. Robot vacuums are much more compact than traditional cleaners, so storage is much easier.

This makes them great for those who live in smaller houses or just have limited storage space. Not only that, they’re also portable. You can take them with you wherever you go!

How do I choose an alternative Roomba?

It doesn’t need to be a Roomba just to be able to do all the things we’ve mentioned. The majority of robot vacuums function very similarly.

This means that you don’t need to choose a Roomba just because all your friends have one. However, don’t just settle for the cheapest brand you can find either. It’s always good to consider a few things before deciding on which alternative could be the best one for you.

How tech savvy are you?

Be honest with yourself and consider how technologically proficient you are before buying something that is too complicated for you to handle. Different models work in different ways and have very different levels of usability.

Some of them simply use an ordinary remote control, whereas others communicate via smartphones or AI applications, such as Alexa. You may even need to set up the particular means of communication used by your robot before starting to use it.

Although the smarter robots may be a little bit more convenient, this does not necessarily mean that they are any better. The models that are operated by remote work just as well as those that are controlled by phone.


It is always a good idea to consider what kind of cleaning you will be doing before deciding which robot vacuum to choose. For example, some of them are better at cleaning hard floors and some are better at cleaning carpets. Some work better if you have a lot of pet hair or dander and others are better if you need to collect a lot of dust.

So, make sure that you look carefully at the capabilities of the different vacuums before deciding, as this will affect how well it cleans for your environment. You don’t want to be paying out on something that is not going to work efficiently for your needs.

Is the layout of your home suitable?

Robot vacuums use sensors to tell them where to clean. A house that has a lot of furniture could hinder the cleaning ability of the vacuum, potentially leaving some places unclean. The size of furniture in your home is also something to consider, as the bigger models will not be able to reach the same places as the smaller models.

Even though robot vacuums are incredibly smart, they cannot cope with cleaning stairs, yet. However, the sensors on them are able to pick up any boundaries, so there’s no need to worry about the vacuum falling down your stairs.

Robot vacuums can be used in homes with more than one story, but you might find that you have to continue to use a traditional vacuum as well.

What’s your budget?

Remember, it’s not always a good idea to go for the cheapest option. Something that is cheap to buy often ends up being more expensive in the long run due to it being faulty, ineffective, difficult to use or just poor quality.

This lack of quality can result in a much less robust vacuum than others or a lack of sophisticated technology compared to other brands. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for something at least in the middle price range, as this won’t be over-rated, but will still work reasonably well.

Are you suited to a robot vacuum cleaner?

We’d all love to leave the cleaning to be done by a robot, but we recommend that you think very carefully about whether you actually need a robot vacuum. They are great and do a fantastic job, but it’s also possible that a traditional vacuum might still be better for you. You can always save all that money you would spend on the vacuum.

To weigh the pros and cons, here are some disadvantages of having a robot vacuum cleaner to aid you in making the best choice for your given circumstances.

Your house needs to be vacuum-proof: robot vacuums work by sensing things around them, such as walls, stairs, and furniture, but they aren’t able to differentiate between dirt and other objects. This means that anything can be sucked up by the vacuum, whether you want it to be or not.

Vacuum blind spots: They are not very good when it comes to cleaning in difficult areas. Places like corners and any other tight places will be missed.

Not suitable for multiple rooms: some models of robot vacuum can be programmed to clean everywhere in your house, but not all models will do this. You may find that you will have to program and clean one room at a time.

Only suitable for level surfaces: many models of robot vacuum are not able to work on bumpy or uneven floors and even long carpets that are particularly fluffy or overlapping will cause problems for the robot vacuum.

Damaged cables: robot vacuums are unable to sense things like cable, wires or cords and will usually just go over them, which could damage them. They could also pull on the wires and whatever is attached to them causing damage to the electronics, possibly even breaking them.

What is the best way to use a robot vacuum?

If you decide that a robot vacuum is the right cleaner for you and your home, take a look at these helpful tips to ensure the cleaning will go smoothly and avoid any nasty accidents when you’re not there:

Always use it fully charged: the battery needs to be charged fully in order to ensure that it works efficiently and lasts as long as possible. Another good tip is to make sure that the charging port is always kept clean so that the battery will charge more efficiently.

Don’t use on damp or wet spots: robot vacuums should only be used on dry surfaces and make sure anything containing water, such as a pet’s water bowl, is well out of the way before cleaning.

Mild temperature storage: robot vacuums need to be stored in cool, dry places, away from sunlight. The batteries can be affected by exposure to excessive heat or cold.

Keep the charging station nearby: although most robot vacuums are self-charging, they do need to be able to find their way to the charger, so it’s a good idea to make sure that the charging station is always somewhere that the robot can find easily.

Lift up furniture: robot vacuums are great, but they do find it difficult to work around or under chairs. It’s advisable to put your chairs up onto the tables before cleaning, or even lean them against the wall or stack them.

Protect any cables: the best way to keep all those cables and wires safe is to hang them out of the way, maybe using cable clips. Another suggestion is to line up your shoes over them, making sure, of course, that all the laces are safely tucked in, too. It is also possible to wrap a rug around them so that they are hidden from the robot.

Check all the features: it’s always a good idea to check everything about a new cleaner before buying anyway, but even more so when considering a robot vacuum, as there are some features that are not found on all models. For instance, if you happen to suffer with allergies, you need to check that the robot vacuum you choose contains an approved HEPA filter.

The use of robot vacuums is not going to take over the use of traditional vacuum cleaners just yet, but they’re certainly fun and worth trying. There are many alternatives on the market to the Roomba and hopefully we have shown you what to look for in other models of robot vacuums. All these models do a very similar job and are much more economical than the top brands.

They are good at saving you time, keeping your back healthy, are pet-friendly and make cleaning a much less stressful job.

Do you have a favorite type of robot vacuum? Are you thinking of moving to futuristic kind of cleaning? Use the comments section below to tell us your thoughts.

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