Windsor Sensor XP12 / XP15 Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

We have been doing a series on commercial upright vacuums next up is the Windsor Sensor XP12 a very popular and high end vacuums.. We put it though a lot of tests including a few against its near twin the Sanitaire EON , So links in the description to everything Ill mention and lets get started.

A few quick things, Windsor is the commercial vacuum brand from Sebo, and the 12 in Windsor Sensor XP12 stands for brush path width so the XP15 is 15” and 18 18 That’s the only difference there.

Also you may remember the Windsor Sensor XP’s being blue and white instead of grey and yellow. and its true that the color of the model recently changed but from everything I can tell the basic design stayed the same.

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So first the basics, the Windsor Sensor XP are built out of a Durable Polyethylene which seems commercial grade to me. Similar commercial touches include a very long 40’ cord, a very easy to remove brush roll, metal in areas prone to wear like the foot switch or in various places on the bottom plate.

Instead of a manual adjustment, The Windsor sensor XP uses a sensor to automatically adjust the brush height on the fly,. It also has lights for brush faults and a bag full /clog indicator light.

So lets start with the pros.

It had a pretty good amount of power for a commercial upright vacuum.
We measured its suction at 70” of water lift. Its airflow at the hose was 70 cfm and its airflow at the cleaner head was 51 cfm. All that was just a touch higher than we saw with the Sanitare Eon which as eluded to earlier has almost the exact same design as the Windsor XP12.

The Windsor XP is really good at carpet cleaning effortlessly picking up everything from pet hair and fine debris to large debris, Its auto height adjustment Seemed to work well on various surfaces.

in our carpet deep clean test where we rub exactly 100 grams of sand into a thick carpet and weigh the dust bags before and after, It socred a perfect 100% which is fairly rare though its competitor the Sanitaire EON also scored a perfect 100 probably because they were both built to be well above average carpet cleaners.

With hard floors there was a big difference though:
The Sanitaire EON did not have a brush roll shut off switch or any kind of seal on the bottom so it basically shoots debris right out of the back of the unit when it tries to vacuum hard floors

The Windsor Sensor XP12, despite having an almost identical design as the EON has an added plastic seal that prevents this from happening. So it can and does do fairly well on hard floors. Though it does struggle with extra large debris, in part because of the automatic high adjustment, being somewhat limited , but that’s what the wand is for anyway, and speaking of the wand that is our next pro.

I really like wands on commercial vacuums, and not very many commercial vacuums have them, but its useful for stairs or other odd jobs. I also found the Windsor wand eaiser to replace on the vacuum than with the Sanitaire.

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