Winix Air Purifier Reviews – Covers The Basics Well

You probably have been looking into a decent air purifier for a medium to large sized room. Funds are limited so you need to find something that is good value for money but gets the job done. If this is you, then looking into a Winix Air Purifier is a great place to start!

A Winix Air Purifier is a low to mid-range product that is considered great value for money. They are generally durable, well performing and trustworthy machines. This brand is designed to provide the basics of air purification, emphasizing performance over flash.

In this article, I will explain the general features and pitfalls of Winix Air Purifiers. I will also recommend some models that perform particularly well. If you would like to browse through different models of Winix Air Purifiers right away, click this link to amazon. Otherwise, please read on to find out all you need to know about Winix Air Purifiers…

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What Is The Area Coverage?
This is the first and most important thing you need to consider when buying an air purifier. You need to find out how large the area is that you want to decontaminate. Everything else is second to this consideration.

Once you have decided which room you want the machine in, you need to size it properly. Air purifiers are measured in how many square feet they can cover.

So if you have the plans for your home that would be best. Or else you can just do this manually.

There are a number of things that you need to consider when you do this. Please read my article on how to effectively measure area coverage for an air purifier if you would like more detail.

Remember that you generally need to buy a machine that covers an area larger than the space you have. This is because clutter (furniture, people, random objects…) will affect the air purifiers area coverage negatively.

Winix Air Purifiers generally cover a medium to large room. Even if you have a small room, make sure that you measure how large the area is that you need to decontaminate. Getting this wrong will cause you a number of problems with both performance, and maintenance.

Are Their Filters true-HEPA?
winix-hepa-filterBasically, all of the best air purifiers use HEPA filters. They have been around since the 1950’s and are used in a number of different products. There are a lot of specifics regarding this type of filter. So to learn more, read my article HEPA Air Purifiers: Everything You Need To Know.

For this product, all you really need to know is that HEPA is the best type of filter. As long as the product is labeled “true” HEPA, it is genuine. If you see “HEPA-type” or “99%-HEPA” steer clear. These are imitation products that don’t have to pass the same tests as true-HEPA air purifiers.

Read this article about the benefits of HEPA filters for allergies if you want to learn more.

Any Winix Air Purifier will be fitted with a true-HEPA filters. This is a type of filter that traps 99.97% of airborne contaminants larger than 0.3 microns in size. How large is a micron you ask? The chart below will give you an idea…

Micron Size Chart

What Is The CADR?
CADR stands for Clean Air Delivery Rate. It is the amount of cubic feet per minute that an air purifier can decontaminate. The clean air delivery rates for Winix Air Purifiers are fairly decent. The basic model 5300 offers 235 for smoke, 248 for dust, and 251 for pollen. The brand in general is fairly stock standard in this area. CADR in general can be a good indicator of performance. However, some brands do not do this testing because they think it is biased toward certain types of filters. For a more in-depth analysis on CADR read this article on the Limits Of The CADR.

How Much Noise Do They Make?noise
When you have read as many air purifiers reviews as I have, you will understand how big a factor noise is! If someone is not satisfied with their purchase, they tend to complain about the noise level…

I think that many people do not understand that ALL air purifiers will make some noise. The HEPA filters used in them are also in vacuum cleaners. So when you have an air purifier on a higher setting, it will sound a little like a this.

People have generally commented that the noise level is quiet on the lower settings. These machines are not designed specifically to be quieter than a regular air purifier. However, the customers are, for the most part, not disturbed by the noise that these machines make.

What Are Customers Saying?
reviewOne thing that struck me about this brand is the high amount of customer satisfaction. If you scroll through the reviews on amazon, you will get a feeling for this. Out of all the air purifiers have researched, this brand has the best reviews.

You may not pay a lot of attention to this kind of thing, or it may make a big difference to you. It is good to know either way that people are happy with the product you are looking at.

Are There Any Negatives?
There are not so much negatives as limitations on this brand. The largest air purifier covers a maximum of 450 square feet. This is enough to effectively decontaminate a fairly large room. But if you have an area bigger than this, then you will need to look elsewhere. This is just the reality of buying an air purifier for the price that Winix are sold at.

Some machines come with washable filters, depending on the model. With all air purifiers, you will have to replace the filters at some stage. The Winix filters do not need to be replaced more frequently than other machines on average. But they are not long life either. Again, this is just the reality of buying an air purifier for this price.

They generally come with a one-year limited warranty. This is ok but a little less than most brands offer.

Who Should Buy A Winix Air Purifier?
Winix Air Purifiers are for people who want a no-frills air purifier for a lower price. These machines can cover a medium to large area, are cheap, and will be reliable. They do not come with fancy features like automatic setting adjustment, remote control or uv lights. But they do decontaminate a room very well for the price that you will pay.

When you have money to burn then there are definitely better brands out there. But this low-mid range product ticks all the boxes that matter for basic air purification.

Who Should Not Buy A Winix Air Purifier?
large-roomIf you have quite a large area, want serious decontamination, or are very noise sensitive, then this is not a good product for you to buy. Winix cover a maximum of around 450 square feet in their top models. So for a room that is larger than this, you should consider a different brand. Austin Air Purifiers are a bit more expensive, but even the junior models cover a maximum of 700 square feet. They are also advertised to decontaminate to the level of a hospital clean room.

If you are very sensitive to noise, then you are probably best to look elsewhere also. Blueair Air Purifiers are made with HEPA-silent filters. This dramatically reduces the amount of noise that the machines makes. Even though the customers did say they were satisfied with the noise level, it is still a normal air purifier. And normal air purifiers will make a bit of noise.

What Are The Best Models?
Winix Plasmawave 5300
This is one of the basic models of the Winix Air Purifier range. But it is also one of the most popular air purifiers in the market! It covers an area of 350 square feet, uses a true-HEPA filter, has 3 stage filtration and one-year limited warranty. It covers the basics of air purification very well!

If I had to recommend an entry level air purifier that is high performing, this would be the one.

Winix U450 Signature Large Room Air Cleaner.
A step up from the Plasmawave 5300. It does everything that the 5300 can, but with a bit more power. It is fitted with true-HEPA filter, has 5 stage filtration and covers an area of 450 square feet. I would choose this machine if you have an area to decontaminate that is quite large. It has very similar features to the cheaper models, but with more grunt.

It has very similar features to the cheaper models, but with more grunt. It has very similar features to the cheaper models, but with more grunt.

A Winix Air Purifier will get the basics of air purification done with minimal problems. They are cheap, reliable, and perform well. Many people choose this brand for their first purchase. Even the basic models would be a great option for a medium to large sized bedroom. Just remember to size out the area you want to decontaminate correctly!

Where To Buy Winix Air Purifiers?
All the Winix models are available to buy on amazon. You can order online and they will deliver the product to your home. If you would like to check out some Winix Air Purifiers, click this link to amazon.

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