Zero G F3d Floating Vacuum – TESTS and REVIEW

The Zero-G offers an excellent set of accessories such as motorized stair tool, a lot of suction based tools such as a real horse hair dusting brush, hard floor tool, and furniture tool.

It has two telescopic wands, that felt well built, one is for the electric tools and one for suction accessories, though you can use the eclectic wand for suction tools as well.

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The crush proof hose and handle were also well built and included a switch to switch the brush on or off for hard floors. It does have a little squeegee on the floor head for even better hard floor efficiency.

So as we mentioned, it doesn’t require casters due to the fact it floats on a pillow of air. The idea is that it can follow you around much more comfortable than a periodic canister, not getting stuck on corners or other obstacles, but also without casters it might be extremely gentle on hard floors.

We tested this in lots of ways. It seemed to transition to all kinds of surface types and sizes; it was a little slower on carpets but not that much. It also didn’t depend on weight, I put 15 pounds of books on top of it, and it still moved exceptionally quickly.

In practice, while vacuuming with the Zero-G we were shocked at how easy it was to move around, it was a completely different canister experience that we’re utilized to in that it just felt a lot less restrictive, so yeah I felt like it was a feature that mattered to me.

So besides the Zero-G aspect different pros come with its power.

We measured its suction at 98” of water lift which is off the charts high, we’ve only ever measured one other vacuum cleaner with higher suction. I also measured its flow of air in a few areas and found that it was slightly above average, with 90 cfm at the hose and 55 cfm at the cleaner head.

Its power showed up in a lot of ways, but one of my favorites was its deep cleaning ability.

But to be fair its power to deep clean carpets is also due to their trademarked powerhead design which has a powerful brush engine and stiff bristles for really great agitation. But in any bag in our deep clean test where we embed sand deep into medium pile carpet and weigh the case in the past and after, it scored over 100% twice in a row, which needs a few explaining.

So regardless of me vacuuming the test carpet after every test with vacuums that have scored 100% or near 100% on this same test before. Once in a while, really fabulous vacuums will score higher than 100%. Meaning they somehow found more debris in the carpet than I initially put down.

Well, the reason this was so astounding is that because I used my new scale. We’ve yet to see a single 100% score, usually speaking scores have gone down now that the test is more valid. So when I got a 106% score with the Zero G we decided to retest it, But it scored 104% the next time, so it is excellent.

On their website, they say “Unrivaled dirt extraction, extensive tests prove it” and even though it seems like every vacuum cleaner business says anything like that, it appearances like the Zero G can back it up.

When it comes to the floor heads pickup ability for larger debris I was also amazed, It did very good on carpets picking up everything from pet hair to cheerio sized debris, it did have problem with the additional large debris like the fruit loops but due to the fact you can shut off the brush roll you could lift the floorhead to catch it that way.

On hard floors, it picked up pet hair and fine debris, medium debris and even large debris with a little effort. Again though it couldn’t get the fruit loops, you could either switch the brush off and get the rest with suction or detach the floor head and use the wand.

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